This has been happening for at least half a year.
I have firefox in start-up... when it starts there is something wrong with the interface... i cant access the submenus in the menu bar and i cant access the right-click menu... i have to shut firefox down and start it again and then its ok... this has happened through many versions including before quantum
Some apps even though i always set them fullscreen when i open them again they render slightly off and i have to hit fullscreen again
Some apps i open them use them for a while then when i come back to them there is something wrong... like they are invisible... you click anywhere on the app and it brings up the app behind it... obviously this is very bad if you want to shut an app down because you end up shutting down the app behind it... you have to go to task manager kill the app and start it up again to be able to use it
And yes this whole time i kept upgrading windows and video driver