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Everyone is obviously entitled to their opinion but the upgrade process i wouldn't say is complicated at all, even my dad managed it and he is the kind of guy that has no space left in his web browser due to having installed every tool bar known to man, it's a full time job for me keeping his PC/Laptop clean lol
It is certainly the least complicated upgrade I have seen for Windows, but still there are hundreds of ways of getting lost, making mistakes and messing things up.

I love upgrading and having always the last versions, but this time I really don't see any reason for it, any benefit, any advantage. Plus I hate losing the colors of my windows... argh. First we lost the beautiful transparencies, now we lose all colors, just plain white for everything. And the new icons are terrible too. They try to make everything flat but they didn't find the right style, so there is childish design and inconsistency everywhere.

I personally prefer W8.1 just for a matter of design. It was far more consistent and well finished. Plus the Start Menu was to me much better. Now I can't keep the tiles the way I used to, they have made this hybrid of the old and new start menu and it is small even when choosing to display full size.

But again, most of all, and most important than design and style changes, I just can't see any benefit, any advantage, anything new that is handy or practical compared to W8.1. They are selling smoke again. Why did they skip W9 and announced a definitive winner with W10? It's no big deal whatsoever. Minor changes again and that's it.