Okay so after April I have noticed that the lock screen upon boot up or restart sometimes, the lock screen will blink the time and date after coming up. It only happens for a sec though. So to test if it would happen upon wake up from sleep, I re enabled password upon wake to see the lock screen again after a wake up.

However when I did I had just gotten a plain blue screen background (not a bsod) for two secs before seeing the lock screen for password input. Though the lock screen didn't blink the date and time that time. I put it to sleep again and tried it again and same result so I decided to disable login on wake again.

However another little odd thing happening after the April update is that since I skip password on wake up to normally skip the login screen, I have noticed that the time and date in the lower right is blank for a few secs before loading up. I did have this issue sometimes before April update but now it seems to happen more.

Anyone else getting these and is it something I should worry about or is it just minor issues that are of no concern. I did do a system restore on the day I got the April update but it was since I was trying to fix an issue that I can't fix right now. (Event ID 5061) However the system restore took place after I installed the update so I dindn't have to reinstall April Update.