Thanks Microsoft - Wot a Mess

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    Thanks Microsoft - Wot a Mess

    Last night windows installed a long upgrade. Then my keyboard (Roccat) lost its drivers and I had to plug in a small MS keyboard which worked. Then, this morning, I have no video drivers (Geforce) and the pc loaded the basic video res. Which I changed to 1060 and that gave me my screen back. Control Panel also refused to open Nvidia Control Panel. I had to use geek uninstaller to remove all nvidia drivers as the pc refused to recognise anything in my system that was Nvidia.

    Now the auto scan in Nvidia says I do not have java, which it needs, I put it back in twice and still it says I do not have java. So I did a manual download and install, except the install fails as it cannot find components. So I am running on what is apparently the MB??

    I wonder how much it would cost me to replace windows, double glazed, leaded as I am about to throw the damn thing through it!!

    I have not even reached trying to re install the keyboard as I am still struggling with nvidia. and I have yet to find anything else MSA has screwed up
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    You might have other issues as not one of your problems are affecting any of my four computers that I upgraded. Yet anyway.
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    The 1803 did not affect anything in my desktop PC or my Dell Laptop. The Dell Inspiron 15 laptop has NVIDIA and it did not "destroy" it. My desktop runs my recording studio software and no problems there, either.
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    No other issues apprent as yet. I got Nvidia working again, but only after reverting back down the line to 388, versions after that did not recognise card - weird. One possible problem is the Game Experience in Nvidia. When I reinstalled it, I did not load Experience.
    Got Roccat keyboard working again after uninstalling everything and reinstalling from a saved zip file. It then told me to hit the upgrade button, which installed the latest drivers automatically.

    Regarding 'destroying' software, it was all still in there but even after 2 reboots it still did not recognise either card nor keyboard, eventual reinstallation got it going again.
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    why on earth would nvidia need java? i didn't even need to reinstall the drivers for 970 after my upgrade.
    for nvidia, i normally only select vid, audio and physx bits and ditch the rest

    what autoscan? don't people just go to the nvidia site, select their card and d/l the driver installer package? (what card they select probably don't matter too much either unless it's fairly old)
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    I've done 6 upgrades now with nothing but very minor issues (one "recovery partition gets a drive letter," one Edge stability issue). Seems about on par with most recent feature upgrades 1603 and 1607.
    Last edited by EdTittel; 02 May 2018 at 09:17. Reason: Forgot my sister's Dell XPS 12!
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    There are definitely other issues at play. If the base computer has issues and/or outdated drivers, that can always lead to other issues after an OS upgrade. That's always been the case. As for Nvidia needing Java, can't say for sure, but I have two gaming systems built and running perfectly with Nvidia cards and no Java installed.
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    What's very annoying about every big update about Windows is that I have to "Re-customize" the way that I have my Windows 10 set up.
    (Many settings go back to default settings because, most likely, values in the Registry get re-written with default information).
    This includes, yet is not limited to:
    • The custom Font sizes.
    • Change the DVD Drive/Recycle Bin icon
    • Set All Folders To Use The 'General Items' Folder Template
    • Remove the shortcut arrow
    • Remove the Question Mark from File Explorer windows
    • Re-Apply settings within Winaero Tweaker: Disable Telemetry, Old Volume Control, Alt+Tab Appearance
    • 7+ Taskbar Tweaker (gotta wait for a new update from the author, since this gives Windows 10 much more efficient functionality)
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    Not done any of my machines yet, I tend to wait till I'm offered the update rather than go looking for it, that way I've found I don't have problems as usually the machine is ready for it. :)
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    the bad news is there isn't any cure,so far,for the nvidea card problem.When I cold start,the card is not recognised,error code 43 and the generic adapter is used.After selecting restart,the card is recognised and ops normal.This happens EVERY time,without fail.If you find a solution,pretty please tell me.
    Best of luck,
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