Hello All,

I'm a long time Mac user that has moved back to Windows 10 Pro. Version 1709 16299:371

I only have 1 Laptop however I have 2 user accounts which require VERY different configurations.

I wont bore you with the specific hardware that I'm using in combination with Windows 10 but I need to have 1 user account configured & optimized for a DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation).

The DAW account ideally needs to be configured ( hopefully through GPE ) to disable the following:

HW: Bluetooth, Wifi & LAN
SW: Antivirus, Software that normally autostarts on my other login e.g VMware, Office
Selected windows background Services.
Windows Update Checking.
Windows Power Options that differ from my main account.
Windows Background Apps disabled
Visual Effects disabled

So basically what i'd like to know is if Group Policy Editor is capable of doing this on a per-user basis and not globally or do I need a third party program to achieve this level of configuration?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.