In File Explorer on the far right corner of the screen you will find a white question mark in a small blue circle. What that icon does it launches a BING browser tab that is full on Windows 10 help links. In the most recent past I thought that Bing had installed a Bing Virus on my computer because randomly a new tab would open up (a bing tab) though I use Google Chrome. What I did not understand was the sneaky way Microsoft installs things on your computer. I found out by accident yesterday is that Question Mark Blue Circle Icon launches Get Help.

I found a program that would block this bing driven windows help tab. What I would like to do is to get rid of this
blue circle or move it to about the middle of the page. Dang if I want help on Windows 10 I am smart enough to go exploring on my own I do not need hand holding from MS. What gets me in trouble is the (X) mark (Exit) is right above the blue circle and if I am not careful about exiting the file manger I will hit that darn blue circle question mark and Bing tries to launch windows 10 help files.