OK now that was scary. Just when I just wanted to install a CPU update from the Gigabyte site to flash my Intel, after a restart my PC said NOPE! The automated recovery was shown on my screen and my PC wasn't able to recover itself but via the HDD option in the recovery menu I was able to get back into Windows. So after every restart I was given the message that Windows could not be fixed but via the menu was able to get back into Windows. Not directly as usual.

So after a while I just peeked into my BIOS and well whaddaya know: SOMEHOW my startup sequence was changed to a very strange folder (X:/ I think it was) instead of my SSD.

Could this be that the flashing went awkwardly wrong and somehow something was changed in the bootup sequence?! So I changed the order again, saved out of the BIOS and voilą! All back on track...

But not without cleaning up Windows again with a clean install... So no more flashing BIOSes for me, I don't trust 'em from now on!

(At a friends' place I was given the opportunity to make a recovery DVD for Windows, that was my saving grace)

But now the burning question: what caused the BIOS to switch from one startup to another?!

I flashed the Intel so many times before but now this?! (And yes, I picked the right one!)