Hey guy,

Im currently having some issues with Windows 10 and signed Java Applets.
Usually when starting a signed Java Applet - no matter if starting inside a browser or as via JNLP/JavaWebStart there is a warning prompt notifying if to run the application.
There you can say: Yes / Now
and with a tick [] do not show again . For publisher and that location -> that adds the certificate to the trusted certificates in the Java Configuration.

In the past (Windows 7) that always worked fine.
Since using Windows 10 ticking the checkbox for accepting the certificate is somehow not working -> the cert is not added to the accepted certificates.
(These can be reviewed: Java Control Panel -> Security -> Manage Certificates: Trusted Certificates -> User)

Do you know what could be the reason for that?
Maybe any new Windows 10 security restrictions?
I'm using only a user account.