Hello all! I hope to be a frequent contributor but I joined specifically to try and find a definitive answer to a question that I cannot find fully answered anywhere.

I want my Windows 10 HP All-In-One desktop to enter hybrid sleep after I'm through with my work and be able to wake for maintenance and then go back into hybrid sleep. I have "allow the computer to wake up for maintenance" checked under Security and Maintenance.

In Advanced Power Options, I have the display going off after 10 minutes, sleep after 12 minutes. "Allow Hybrid Sleep" is on. "Allow Wake Timers" is on.

The big question. Does "Hibernate After" need to be set to any value or should it be set to "Never"? This is what I cannot find out. Everything I've read just says to set sleep time and enable hybrid sleep. No mention of hibernation at all.

Any advice is greatly appreciated and thank you for these forums. They're fabulous.