Windows 10: Windows10 update damaged something, attempting repair, some advise adv

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  1.    29 Jun 2018 #51

    Satellite9418 said: View Post
    Alright so this is my update!

    Well I tried to load the * Windows Recovery Environment * programme onto USB but the laptop wouldn't have it, despite correcting for Boot Order. So I bought some DVD R discs instead and did it that way.

    I have yet to look at the Macrum or Ubuntu things (I will in due course, I jus wanted to update now rather than wait)

    So.. Back to the point:

    I downloaded the Windows Recovery Environment programme as linked in this thread.

    I then transferred this onto DVD R disc (not CD! For those noobs like me who might be reading this)

    I then put the DVD R disc into the laptop and switched it off /on

    It then took a while to bring up this screen which amazingly had all the files and folders available that I thought were inaccessible forever.

    (to noobs like me - THIS is the "Windows Recovery Environment" *I think, I presume*)

    Okay, so far so good. I then used a portable data device to copy and paste the files and folders that I wanted to try to save and keep. This took quite some hours.

    Now with the files and folders off and the portable data drive unhooked and set aside... The nuking option could begin!

    So, I downloaded (onto another computer of course) the windows10 install from the link in this thread and then I put that onto a USB stick, ready to go. (actually windows glitched out on me and I had to purchase a windows10 disc and I used that instead)

    So - with the windows10 disc now in the damaged laptop and with the files off safely elsewhere - I followed the cues and the advice in this thread (page 4) to wipe delete the partitions until just one big one was left - and then continued to follow the cues and selected that new single and large partition to put this new copy of windows10 on.

    Then the disc and laptop did their thing and windows got put on there just like when new and I went through the set-up process as new.

    There were some glitches - namely the keyboard hot keys or function keys don't work now (they are selected correctly for in the Bios and the drivers seem okay so I still don't know how to get the function keys to do more than just the normal things - I need them to adjust volume and brightness ect, I've also deleted and reinstalled the keyboard driver with no luck)

    So at this stage I want to say that I am very grateful for all the time and patience that you all in this thread have given - I appreciate your help and I thank you very much!

    I write this also for those like me who find themselves in the same situation and hopefully they can benefit from your advice and information as well.
    Excellent news!
    f14tomcat is right - time to make an image right away of your clean install, using Macrium Reflect Free, so if anything happens, you have that to fall back on.

    Also, I don't see your system specs in your profile.....but....if you're using an OEM machine (like Dell, or HP, or Lenovo, or whatever pre-built), then you should be able to go to the OEM support website and download drivers specific to your machine. That may get back some of this functionality you're referring to that has been lost.
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  2.    15 Jul 2018 #52

    Please... Help me.... I am absolutely sick of that *** windows10 CONSTANTLY FORCING IT'S UPDATES EVERY COUPLE OF DAYS.... it ruins my work and everything

    So this Ubuntu.. I can throw windows away and use the Ubuntu instead? Just as if I were to reinstall windows but instead it's Ubuntu??

    Where do I get it and how much is it please? I have to use the phone for this message because windows is ****** my laptop again. I. Hate. Microsoft Windows 10. The heavy handed bullying and their updates RUIN THINGS AND CAUSE PROBLEMS THAT DIDN'T EXIST BEFORE.

    Please excuse my rant - but you see this whole thread I initiated precisely because windows10 screwed up my laptop and now that it's repaired windows10 insists on taking it over and doing s**t to it and I have had enough. I don't want windows 10 at all.

    I want to try your Ubuntu suggestion please. Tell me what to do to get and install it please.

    Thank you for your help!

    *I'm to download and install UBUNTU DESKTOP is that it? I put it on a stick, change the bootorder and set it going just like that?

    It all looks so confusing and I have no idea which download of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS to click on - or even what they are really.
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       15 Jul 2018 #53

    Satellite9418 said: View Post
    I want to try your Ubuntu suggestion please. Tell me what to do to get and install it please.
    I find Linux Mint MATE to be more like Windows than Ubuntu.

    Check out this page:

    Satellite9418 said: View Post
    *I'm to download and install UBUNTU DESKTOP is that it? I put it on a stick, change the bootorder and set it going just like that?

    It all looks so confusing and I have no idea which download of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS to click on - or even what they are really.
    If you click the "Download" button (on the page above) it should send you the correct ISO.

    I always use ImgBurn to create a bootable DVD from the ISO file.

    Check out this tutorial about creating a bootable USB:

    Once you've created the bootable USB and adjusted your PC's boot order, you should be able to boot into Ubuntu.
    It will be slower running from a DVD/USB, than if it was running from your PC's HDD/SSD.

    You don't need to install Ubuntu (or many other Linux Distros) immediately.
    You can run it from your USB first and then decide if you like it.

    IIRC, the Desktop Environment in Ubuntu is GNOME 3.
    A lot of Linux users dislike it.

    You can get Ubuntu with other Desktop Environments (or install them yourself).
    If you are a beginner, you should probably download an ISO that has the Desktop Environment already installed.

    I've seen many comments saying that the XFCE Desktop Environment is more like Windows:

    I use Linux Mint MATE:

    If you decide that you are going to install Ubuntu (or some other Linux Distro) you should create a Backup Image of your existing system first (just in case you want to go back to W10).
    A lot of people here use Macrium Reflect Free Edition to do this.

    Backup and Restore with Macrium Reflect
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