Does anyone know of a comprehensive guide to what should be recorded as a result of a default shutdown/startup sequence, i.e. what normal events/event IDs should I see in Event Viewer with fast startup enabled as opposed to any different events/event IDs recorded if fast startup/hibernation is disabled (using powercfg /h off)?

I'm more familiar with Windows 7 and used to checking just the System log (for example, for event IDs 6006 and 6009) but am aware that there are many more logs/channels in Windows 10. Perhaps I need to look further than System?

I'm fine about doing the testing of the 2 different states myself but don't want to spend the time reinventing the wheel if the information already appears somewhere else.

In addition, I would be very interested if anyone knows of any recent changes to the shutdown/startup processes in recent builds. (At present both devices are on identical builds, i.e. 1709 Build 16299.309... but one of the devices has only recently updated itself.)

The reason I'm asking is because, on 2 different devices (one with fast startup/hibernation left at default and the other with it/them disabled), I'm seeing different results in each System log. As a result I'm trying to work out whether this is normal for the 2 different states or whether there's an issue. (For info, this is related to this post in this forum thread.)

More info: Both devices are Windows 10 Pro in a home environment, same workgroup/network.

Many thanks...