I have windows 10 x64 1709 16299.334 . with Amd TR4 1950x .

Everytime I put my computer on Lock Windows button + L for a period of time like hours , and I come back trying to open the Search it doesn't open . when trying to open the Start Menu it takes like 2 sec to open it , and when trying to write something in the Start Menu it doesn't write anything.

The only thing that fixes it is to End Task Cortana from task manager. nothing else fixes it , stopping / starting services , closing other Tasks .

I can't figure what causing it, it also happened to me with the other computer 3770K which the same windows was there .

What I use the most but sometimes those programs are not opened when the issue happen.

Discord , Utorrent 2.2.1 ,Chrome , Process Hacker 3.x