I've been getting a blue screen (about 1 a week) saying a bad pool header that will auto reboot about 3 times and then goes to the repair/troubleshoot blue screen. The only way back seems to be to do a shutdown and pull the power completely on my system, and so far that has worked.

My win10 pro system:

rx 460 gpu.
i7-4790k (not overclocked)
gigabyte board, the b85m-ds3h-a
16gigs ram
3 sata ssds
gigabyte rx 460 gpu.

Since it boots up in 15 seconds, I don't suspend or hibernate, simply power down (say 5 times a day). However, I do use wake on lan, so there's some power still there. I'm thinking that maybe my gpu card might be in an odd state and that causes the AMD driver to cause the crash. I updated the drivers and the problem even got worse, so I backed out one version. I suspect the gpu since that's the only driver I had to download and install, everything else comes with win 10 pro ver 1703.

I considered trying to sleep instead, as the problem only occurs on boot up, but when I do that, the system won't come back from it, and I have to use the reset button. The last time I did this, I got a (bios?) message that my configuration was messed up and it needed to restore the defaults. Then it rebooted ok.

I am now thinking maybe there's something flakey with my power supply. However, the system is only about 6 months old.

So, does anyone know how I can determine which driver or software component causes the bad pool header, to narrow things down a bit?