I'm a longtime reader, first time poster. I'm usually able to figure out fixes but this one has me stumped. Windows 10 has bugged out. The issues are:

  • Starting a few days ago, Windows Hello stopped working. The IR login had worked consistently but now I am shown that the "Camera is Unavailable". Settings claims that the computer is not compatible with it.
  • Starting this morning, CPU usage is constantly at 100%. Troublemakers include Task Scheduler, Windows Biometric Service, Google Installer, and Search Indexer.
  • Starting this morning, windows update doesn't work. When I click the option in settings, settings freezes. When the page opens, it keep searching for forever or closes itself.
  • Starting this morning, HP SupportAssist will not run. Upon loading, it opens a command prompt and installs something and then closes itself.

Throughout all of this, Windows had listed in shut down options "Update and Restart" and "Update and Shut Down." Nothing would install so I followed solution 3 from SOLVED: Windows 10 Wont Install or Download Updates - Appuals.com and the update option went away.

I feel like all of these are connected somehow. Maybe the recent update went wrong? However, it passed the SFC scan and the HP hardware scan.