Hi all,
Touchpad delay is a setting in regards to a laptop's touchpad, where a click cannot be performed while a user is typing or holding a key. I wish to remove this delay.
I'm having a problem with a non-removable touchpad delay for windows 10 home edition (version 1709, build 16299.125). I remember in older versions of windows 10, a user would be able to go into settings -> mouse and touchpad and set the touchpad delay to none. However in this version, the setting has been split into mouse, and touchpad (separate) - neither of these contain the option for changing the touchpad delay. My touchpad is synaptics, with driver version 19.3.4 121 (Fully up-to-date).
What I've already tried:
- Updating windows
- Updating drivers
- Going into the registry and changing the AAPThreshhold index to 0, then restarting pc (This SHOULD remove any touchpad delay, but hasn't).
- Uninstalling synaptics driver and restarting pc in the hopes that the windows default touchpad driver will be automatically installed (This has worked for others, but in my case the driver did not get installed).
- Changing the touchpad sensitivity to "most sensitive".
- Going into advanced mouse options, and removing palm interference from driver settings (Driver settings does not seem to appear on this version of windows 10).

Thanks very much for any help, much appreciated!