I've noticed two issues issues related to permissions after the upgrade to Windows 10. I used the upgrade process using a fresh install of Windows 8 Pro, telling Windows 10 to keep nothing. It would appear to be the same file system, as windows.old existed after the upgrade.

1. Uncompressed Bitdefender in the downloads directory and after installing, I literally cannot delete the folder. Keeps giving me permissions errors, even though I was the one that uncompressed it and I have full permissions in the directory structure. I even went to take ownership of it (which failed) and reset inheritance (which also failed).

2. While I have read you use Disk Cleanup to remove it, it seems wrong that you cannot delete the windows.old directory structure without using Disk Cleanup. There should be nothing using it and you should be able to escalate permissions to remove it. Anyone know what is going on here? To the best of my recollection, Windows 8 upgrade allowed you to remove it and didn't behave strangely like that.

Any thoughts?