Hi there

Could someone please shed some light as to why when showing the desktop or switch apps it is these intense flashes between the two different states. If you swipe down on your mouse pad and bring up the desktop it does not transition. Sure we want to get to our desktop fast but surely there are better transitions - the extra bit of refinement that windows can make. I mean if you swipe with four fingers to the next desktop (not that I ever need to as I dont use extra desktops ) that is such a waste of a beautiful animation. It could be used in showing the desktop. The same applies to switching apps with three finger swipe. It just flashes to the next app which I find really annoying. It is availiable on the tablet mode which I used for sometime but sewitched back to desktop mode because even tablet mode is a ridiculous excuse for touch screen computers. (some windows do not show in this mode becasue of the restrictions they have on their window so they just dont all go fullscreen and just dont show up such as a dialogue box etc. Please dont ask me which program etc to diagnose the problem further I am merely stating that the windows we have now is a silly excuse for a better product we are promised in the future. through these updates that we have limited control over to what they are doing to my computer.)

I also still dont fully understand the process of switching apps with the three finger swipe- especially when you have multiple programs open, does windows equally divide your trackpad up according to the amount of apps you have as you swipe through them? The whole process feels so unrefined - I mean c'mon! We are in 2018! surely it is not that hard to make something transition beautifully especially when that is at the front end of the user interaction.

My question how can I add transitions to these swipes?

** EDIT / ADD (while I am on the topic)

I could also say if you have 2 windows side by side and you swipe three fingers up and you go to the app viewer sometimes the apps crossover (the right app goes to the left, the left app goes to the right) - whatever the process of order is maybe it could be so they don't crossover? This is also when you have 2 apps open.

Then when you swipe three fingers back the shadow that divides your two apps to show which app is being used just flahes on - i feel these are really small details but can make very big differences to user interaction - can the UI designers not make animations so harsh? Or am I wrong please can someone enlighten this whole animation system. Some animations are great but others need a lot of work.