Windows 10: Problem when transfering files between two PCs via external hard disks Solved

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    Problem when transfering files between two PCs via external hard disks


    I am a having a strange problem when i transfer files between my 2 PCs via external hard disk.

    I am using the word "strange" because for example :

    1)I save some files from PC 1 to the external hard disk.
    2) After saving the files i run chkdsk for both the internal hard disk of PC1 and the external hard disk.
    3) Both tests say that there is no problem with the hard disks.
    4) I come to my home PC 2, connect the external hard disk to transfer the files to the internal disk and the following problems always occur :

    a) The external hard disk suddenly shows files that i had deleted them when i was using the external hard disk with PC1.
    b) I try to transfer to PC2 the files i added from PC1. Nothing happens.
    c) I run chkdsk for the external hard drive and it shows that it has errors. Remember : The chkdsk of the external hard drive that i ran on PC1 showed no errors!
    d) I tell chkdsk to solve the errors and this sometimes erases some of the files i wanted.

    ->Both PC1 and PC2 were recently formatted with a clean install of Windows 10 Pro but this didn't solve the problem.
    ->Both PC1 and PC2 are totally updated.
    ->Both PC1 and PC2 have no viruses.
    ->The problem happens with all the external hard disks that i have.
    ->The problem happens with every usb port i use when i transfer the files and when i connect the external hard drive.
    ->I attach 2 txts that shows the chkdsk report that came up with errors when i connected the external hard drive to PC2. Remember : When i ran chkdsk for the external hard drive on PC1, showed no erros.

    Please help!
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    Definitely looks like a hardware issue. Couple of questions first: 1 - Do you commute in a 2.5 ton 6x6 ? just joking. 2 - I assume you use the same parms on each chkdsk and could you list what your using. 3 - Do you perform a "safely remove" on the external drive before removing it from the PC 1 ? From a casual look, it looks like directory entries are miss pointed and that could be caused by not safely removing the external unit.

    One last question, mfg and size of the external disk.
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    2. I don't run chkdsk from command line. Just right click on each disk and properties->tools->check for errors. No parms set.
    3. Of course i always perform safe remove
    4. The external disk i am using is Seagate Backup Plus Portable 4T but the problem occurs with every external disk i have used, even with usb sticks.

    PS1 : If i remember well the problem started to occur when i installed Windows 10 on both PCs. Ι don't remember having such a problem the previous years with Windows 8.1 with the same setup of programs on both PCs. Maybe it's a coincidence, maybe not?

    All the disks internal and external are formatted to NTFS.

    PS3: The problem appears much more often with photos that i open in Adobe Bridge and edit them in Photoshop

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    Since it only happens when you save the data using "adobe bridge", I would try to see if any other applications cause this problem ! Why because the O.S. only performs the functions that it is requested to do. Since you have followed all of the removal rules, I would suspect that Adobe could have a problem and not closing the files correctly. Try it with different software.
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    Unfortunately Adobe Bridge and Adobe Photoshop are the programs i use for work. All these years i didn't have any problem with transfers to and from external drives. I am thinking of uninstalling Windows 10 and go back to Windows 8.1 in order to see if it is a problem of the version of Windows. It's the first time i cannot specify the source of the problem. Maybe the usb controllers of Windows 10; Maybe intel rapid storage; Don't know. Thanks for the help anyway my friend.
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    When you input files for transfer do you use 'save as' or save? Maybe the file format is ncorrect for the Adobe program you are usimg. And are both Adobe programs on PC 1&2 the same version?
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    Put the two computers on a router and use Home Group:

    Windows 10 file sharing . . . How to set up file sharing on Windows 10

    When your PC is connected to a HomeGroup, it's easy to share files and folders to it.

    File Explorer / Find the file or folder you want to share . . .

    Right-click it and select "Share" /
    Right-click it and select "Give access to" /

    You'll have two options: 'view', and 'view and edit'

    "View" lets others view your files and folders, but not change them.
    "View and edit" lets them make changes or delete them.

    Copy and paste from recipient computer, to where you want the files.

    . . . It won't let you just share the whole C: . . . Just share one folder at a time
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    @ronf1011, just save after editing them with Photoshop and then just copy-paste from the internal hard disk to the external hard disk. Yes the versions of the Adobe programs are the same on PC1 and PC2.

    I think that a hint of what is the source of the problem is what i mentioned in the first post. I ll try to explain it more clearly :
    a) The external disk has for example the folders 1,2,3,4.
    b) I connect the external disk to PC1, i delete the folder No4 and i copy paste folder No5 from the internal hard disk of PC1.
    c) I return home and connect the external hard disk to PC2. The folders i must see are 1,2,3 and the new No5.
    d) The folders i see are 1,2,3,4,5. The deleted folder 4 is shown as non deleted. It cannot be accessed though. Also the new folder 5 that i copied from PC1 now says that it contain errors. On PC1 it didn't contain errors. On PC2 suddenly has errors.

    It's like PC2 cannot read the updated components of the external hard disk and remembers the last state of the external hard disk before it was safely removed. Sometimes if i restart PC2 it realizes that the folder 4 is non existent any more and correctly doesn't show it. But the problem with the new folder 5 remains and i must correct the errors in order to access the folder.

    I don't have the knowledge to specify which hardware part or hardware driver or software process of PC2 is responsible for showing the external hard disk the way it was before it was connected to PC1. Is it the motherboard (faulty usb ports or maybe controllers?), is it the RAM or is it a certain process of Windows 10?

    @mb1280, your solution doesn't solve the problem but it's a clever one to bypass the problem and very practical. I am thinking of working further on with the way you described. Thanks a lot!
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