Freezes when loading Windows & random crashes

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    Freezes when loading Windows & random crashes

    Hello good folks. I've had problems with my computer for several days now that I have not been able to solve. Sometimes my computer works but I keep running into the problems below. I think the problems might be connected.

    Problem 1: Computer seems to start up normally but no screen displays anything
    I've had this problem on and off for several years. Sometimes it happens frequently, sometimes it doesn't happen for several months. I always manage to solve it by restarting, switching places of the scart cables, starting with one screen only (I have two screens) etc.

    Problem 2: Computer freezes during Windows loading screen
    When this happens the only thing I can do is restart the computer. See image.
    Freezes when loading Windows & random crashes-img_20180325_220359.jpg

    Problem 3: Random crashes
    If I manage to get past problem 1 and 2 I can use the computer for a while, but in the end it always ends of crashing. These days it usually takes about 2-60 minutes for it to crash.

    I've tried a bunch of things to fix my computer, some of them that I remember are:

    • Running an SFC scan.
    • Running the DISM tool with these commands:
    • DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth
    • DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
    • Performing a Windows reset to remove all my programs but keep my files. This is the last thing I've tried.

    I still run into the problems previously mentioned. I don't know what to do at this point, and I would be extremely grateful for any help. My guess it that it is a hardware issue but I would like to be completely sure of that before I replace anything. Also, if it is a hardware issue, I would like to know what component is failing. The motherboard maybe? I don't know, I'm thankful for any help you can give me.

    Thank you!
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    Go into Reliability History and see how many red flags are there and then go through each one via Tech Details.This should give you the cause[s] of the problem and help fix them.
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    Thank you for your suggestion; I didn't know about Reliability History before. I checked it and it just says "Windows was not properly shut down." and the date and time for each crash.
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    I also checked the temperature levels with HWMonitor and everything is below 70 degrees C.
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    Go into Event Viewer---Custom views---Administrative Events and check each flag until you find the cause of the crash.If you have an Nvidea card,the most common event was"nvlddmkm",which caused freezing and timeout delays.A search of the Nvidea website will give you a comprehensive explanation of this malfunction.
    If all that fails then a reinstall is your best option.
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    Forgot to add to try Whocrashed from,it is free and analyses the crash dump files.Worth a try before a clean install.
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    Thanks I will try that! I have already done a reset but with keeping my files. Is there any difference between a clean install and a reset?
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    I opened the event viewer and there are a lot of Errors. Nothing about NVIDIA, however.

    The Errors:

    AppModel-Runtime with Event ID 69
    DistributedCOM with EventID 10016
    Eventlog with EventID 1101
    Eventlog with EventID 6008

    Kernel-Power with EventID 41

    I don't know what to do with this information. Any suggestions?

    I used analyze with Whocrashed and it didn't find any valid dump files. I checked the possible causes for why dump files aren't being written out and my page file is big enough, my drives have enough free space (150+ GB), so dump files should be written out. Whocrashed doesn't let me check the checkbox for the option "Stop Windows from deleting memory dump files", however.
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    This sounds crazy, but this week, I started getting Kernel-Power errors with EventId 41 showing up in the system event log. This started after I began using an old 250GB SATA drive from a previous computer to hold user data backups. The drive is internally mounted, has been checked and formatted a couple of times with no errors. It has been unused/empty for a couple of weeks with no issue. I copied about 100GB of files/folders to it and then the system began to freeze and the only way out was to do a forced power off. The error logs showed this drive was throwing bad block errors just prior to the hangs. I have disconnected this drive and the problem has disappeared. I've used this drive before as a FileHistory backup until that function ceased to work with no issues. I suspect the drive is just old and going bad.
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    Interesting jamis, thanks for the information. I have to drives, one new SSD with Windows on it and one older HD with the rest of my stuff on it. Do you think one of these could be the problem?
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