I've been having occasional problem with date changes in Windows 10. It started happening right
after some system updates. Usually the date would jump ahead by about ten days but the time
would be okay. This mostly (maybe always) was right after waking up from sleep mode. I would
just toggle "set date automatically" to manual and then back to automatic.

Yesterday after using the system all morning with no problems, I found that starting almost any
application would give a "side-by-side configuration error". Ones that were already running were
fine. Looking in the WinSxS folder I see a bunch of updates dated 3/24/2018 which is still 5 days
in the future. I suspect that maybe the bad dates are causing the side-by-side problems. Is this possible?

I find that I can at least run a command prompt or powershell, but *not* as administrator.

I hesitate to just reboot because it seems likely that Windows itself might not run.

Any ideas on how I can get out of this predicament short of a reinstall?