Windows decided to update my computer with new wonderful security updates. Now Windows 10 is so secure, it don't log in with my account.

Long story made short - I had transferred files and programs from one computer to this one via Laplink (Yes, it's possible to transfer files AND programs with it). So I ended up somehow with different user accounts. I never had a problem - until now with this latest update.

My files and programs are still on the computer, but they are buried in the User's section of the PC. That means that ALL the programs, files, settings - everything - that always showed up on the desktop when I logged on are gone. I can access the files, but not by the simple route of opening the documents folder. No... I have to go to This PC, then Users, then the other user, then documents, then find the file.

I have loads of programs I don't have access to anymore, including Word and my email client.

I tried restarting to see if I could log on to a different account, but there's only one available that I can see. Anyone know how to solve this problem. Reinstalling ALL the programs so I have access to them on this other generic account would be a fricking nightmare.