We have been facing the issue of Explorer.exe crashing from sometime now on Windows 10 build 1709/1703.

Whenever we start windows, explorer.exe crashes after about 10 - 15 seconds and sometime after 5 – 10 Minutes. This is occurring regularly on few machines and few times on some of the machines. There’s no error message that comes up but all desktop goes black with no tabs to access or launch anything.
To get back to the main screen, have to re-launch explorer.exe from task manager
Have checked event viewer to find logs related to application and security but there are no errors. We have checked number of blogs for the same but resolution mentioned doesn’t works.
Reference link:
Windows 10 Explorer.exe Crashes 10 Seconds After Startup - Microsoft Community




Please guide us through if there are any specific steps or patch to be applied for fixing such issues.

Best Regards
Sach Dev