I play a lot of GoW and I use the Game Bar pretty often to record clips but I've run into this really annoying bug. Whenever I open the game bar to record something, the tooltips for each of the icons stay the same for each Icon. Example; if I open to gamebar and hover over the record icon it will display the tooltip for broadcast and if I hover over the record icon or the settings icon it will still display the tooltip for broadcast. I didnt think much of this at first as I already knew what icon was what. Then I watched one of my clips and it just showed the main menu of the game with a flicker and the game audio, even though I never recorded the main menu. Another recording showed the character selection screen with my mouse flickering all over the place, even though I didn't start recording until I was playing. Then I opened up Chrome to find a fix and what do you know? Chrome is doing the exact same thing the game bar was doing (Showing the same tooltip for everything I hover over) and on top of that, when I right click, the context menu is just transparent and I can only see the shadow of the menu. I've also noticed that the OS is a little sluggish whenever I use the game bar. The only fix I have for it is restarting my PC. Does anyone know a fix to where I can use the Game Bar without screwing everything up?