Hi folks, this problem just started a few days ago.

I can't be 100% sure when the cause happened because I rarely reboot my PC. I rebooted it a few days ago and as Windows was to load, the rotating dots came up as usual but seemed to take a really long time. It finally went to the repair screen where I had a few options for recovery. I chose shutdown. Once it was powered off, I hit the power button and Windows loaded as normal. After it loaded, I did a restart to see. Sure enough, same behavior with the repair screen. So, anytime I restart, I get stuck and eventually goes into the recovery screen. If I just shutdown then power it back on, it loads Windows just fine.

No changes have been made to my system and nothing (aside from forced Windows updates) have been installed. I experience no other problems. I do see a Windows10Upgrade folder from 2/3. It may very well have been before this that I last rebooted my machine.

I've already run SFC /scannow and it found no problems.

Any advice is appreciated.

Current build
Windows 10 Pro 1709 (Build 16299.248)
Ryzen 1700

ASRock AB350
G. Skill Flare X 16GB DDR4 2400
Primary: Crucal 256GB SSD
Secondary (Profile drive): WD 640GB
nVidia 980 GTX 4GB