Fix for windows 10 booting to a black screen Solved

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  1.    06 Feb 2016 #131

    .. follow up !

    Since my previous post some (2) weeks ago, I now am able to operate both of my computers without any of the hiccups previously encountered ..
    What worked (for me) was the installation of "classic shell" and set in the Classic mode .. (not the twin panel or windows 7 settings) .. ( Classic Shell - Start menu and other Windows enhancements

    It really did surprise me .. both puters now simply humming nicely .. worth trying !
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  2.    22 Feb 2016 #132

    I'm having the same problem myself (Windows 10). Computer boots to desktop and then a few seconds later, black screen. Sometimes ctrl-alt-del will get me to task manager and sometimes it does nothing. Sometimes it will boot up for a minute and then I get a message saying changes were made and asks for a reboot, and other times the monitor will lose the signal completely before it even gets to the desktop. I keep rebooting, powering off/on, inventing new cuss words (which the neighbors most likely can hear) and eventually it boots up right. Crap, I'm at the point of just leaving this thing on 24/7 cause I'm afraid to turn it off anymore. Once I'm in the OS, everything is fine. I can play the most demanding games all day long, do every test in the book and get no errors. Vid card and CPU are cool, no overheat problems of any kind. This problem is driving me nuts. I've been on a computer a good number of years and have solved my share of problems but I've never had one like this. I've replaced vid card, psu, motherboard, tested ram (ok) with no change. The gremlin remains (and I think he's wearing a Microsoft T-Shirt with a picture of Satya Nadella on it).
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  3.    23 Feb 2016 #133

    We do not use a password or pin to log into the computer we are using so the steps above don't work for me. Any other suggestions? I am using a Dell All-in-one computer (touch screen). I had Windows 7 and did the free upgrade to Windows 10 and now black screen with mouse. I can't find any way to get it to load correctly so that I can use my computer. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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  4.    28 Feb 2016 #134

    My fix for Black Screen of Death in Win 10

    leeuniverse said: View Post
    Hey all, I just installed some Windows 10 Updates today on my MSI Laptop that came out today 10/02/2015.....
    When I went to reboot my computer to allow the Updates to install I got stuck a the "Black Screen of Death" LOL

    I tried everything mechanical, reseat the battery, press various buttons, put in the Windows 10 disk.
    Tried to see if any internals were lose, I couldn't even boot to the BIOS.
    I hooked my mouse up to my other laptop and old one, and started trying to research, I then simply tried to restart again, waiting a bit, the computer started to start up finish installing the updates.

    So, thought it was working for some reason, hooked the mouse up, situated the computer, and it wouldn't boot up again.
    I'm like WTH......! It then pops in my head, "mouse". So I unplug the mouse and guess what, the computer starts up.

    Turns out the Windows Update today screwed something up so my mouse would stop it from booting.
    Don't know if it's a port or mouse related thing, or ports period, like any port with something in it would cause it to not start.
    So, don't know how I'm going to fix this, cause I'm not going to unplug my mouse when I want to start my computer and then plug it back in when starting up. We shall see what I do.... Maybe I have to find the drivers for the USB ports and update it. Not sure, anyway.

    This is why I like to do Fresh Installs, have backup Disks, and control my own fn updates.
    Microsoft, anyone not it's like they progress in some ways but digress in others.
    I had a somewhat similar problem. I upgraded my Acer Aspire 5750 laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10 pro (X64) . Everything went smoothly, and was working fine. I left the computer on during the night, and it must have upgraded because when I tried to reboot it would always boot into the "Black Screen Of Death". When I manged to get the laptop to boot into safe mode, everything was working so long as I remained in safe mode. But even if I disabled every service and every startup item that could be eliminated and tried to reboot it, it still booted to B.S.O.D.

    While I was in safe mode I checked to see what version and build of Windows 10 I was running. It was Win 10, Version 1511 (build 10586.104). There have been a lot of people that have experienced problems with the upgrade to this build I found out.

    Then I remembered that I installed the Logitech Anywhere mouse immediately after I did the initial upgrade, so perhaps that could be the problem. So I uninstalled the mouse and removed it from the computer. Rebooted and everything worked. Ah, problem solved I thought. Plugged the mouse into the already booted computer and it worked perfectly (using the Windows 10 drivers). Everything continued to work until I rebooted. Then it was back to the B.S.O.D. again. Unplugged the mouse from the computer and all booted normal. So thought it was the Logitech mouse. Installed a Microsoft mouse that I had as a spare and that had never given me a problem. Rebooted and got B.S.O.D. Tried a hard wired mouse and got the same problem. Realized that the problem occurred with any mouse. The brand or type did not matter.

    I tried every suggestion in this long thread. None worked for me. The only solution that did work was to remove the mouse until the computer had booted normally and then plug the mouse back in. That did work but it was a nuisance.

    I finally solved the problem completely when I decided that there must be some update from Acer that I was missing. I had already tried updating my chip set driver to the latest available for my laptop. It did not solve the problem. I decided to download every driver that was available from Acer for my laptop (about 10 or 12) and install them one at a time, installing each whether I thought it was needed or not (if it was not applicable it told me that with an error message). Eventually when I got to the driver that said it was for the touchpad, it gave me a message "installing new mouse driver". That was it. I now have a fully working Windows 10 with zero problems.

    I thought I would write all this out because it seems that a lot of other people are having similar problems and the help from Microsoft itself is minimal to non-existent. (This is the only really helpful thread that I could find on the subject).
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  5.    25 Mar 2016 #135

    I have an Acer Aspire E1-572 and I have an issue where I logon to my account, I get a black screen with a mouse error. The computer won't let me run the general settings? Any inputs?
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  6.    07 Apr 2016 #136

    My problem and solution for win10 x64 black screen with AMD gpu (crossfire):
    I was experiencing a black screen everytime after I boot my laptop (not reboot) after windows logo with no cursor. The "easy" solution I've found was to uncheck the "fast startup" option. Unfortunately, if I closed the lid and open it again, I was having the black screen again (with no cursor). The solution to both these problem, as the user "Smike" mentioned in page 6, is to go to regedit, search for "EnableULPS", change it's value from 1 to 0 and the reboot! Yes it's that simple! All my above problems have been solved!
    Can't thank you enough Smike!
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  7.    18 Apr 2016 #137

    Help! Old person here; I have an HP laptop - it came with Win 8 which was horrible, so when offered we upgraded (?) to 10. No probs. It (the computer) came with AMD A4 Quad-core (if that means anything). A few days ago we started getting a pop-up on start up saying that we were not licensed for AMD quick-time. Fine, didn't know what it was anyway. As we switched off the night before last a whole bunch of updates came down and then yesterday morning -BLACK SCREEN! No cursor. Well I have a desktop too so I spent some hours looking through youtube and frying my remaining grey cells. Eventually we decided to go with the reset option. I know.....
    So I have another monitor attached, and am currently using said laptop with brand spanking new windows 10 working perfectly...
    ..and a black screen.
    Question 1: If Windows 10 wiped everything off that it doesn't like and only has the stuff it does want - what could possibly be wrong now?
    OK assuming that answer is the graphics card is outdated - done that - I now have AMD Radeon HD 8330, which says it is the best option for this computer. I also downloaded Driver Talent which agrees. Yes I've tried the windows key+P trick many times, with and without 2nd monitor attached, and it affects neither screen - which is odd.
    This brings me to:
    Question 2: If this is about a graphics card incompatibility issue, then the answer - or certainly a scientific way of eliminating the possibility - is to do as another possible solution suggests and uninstall said AMD Radeon HD 8330. BUT if I disable the graphics card then will my second screen work without a graphics card? And if it stops working then how do I install another graphics driver?
    Sorry to rattle on - my brain is soup now. Answers in plain English please.. not getting any younger.
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  8. Posts : 1
    Windows 10 32 bit
       25 Apr 2016 #138

    Windows 10 booting to Black/Blank screen

    Darkmiss said: View Post
    Okay if you have just upgraded to windows 10 and are sitting at a black screen for way too long here's the problem and how to fix it.

    If you have an on board Intel graphics controller as well as an add on graphics card, windows thinks you have one more monitor connected than you actually have. so when windows loads its outputting the video signal to a bogus monitor.

    How to fix this
    firstly wait long enough so the mouse cursor to appear when you move the mouse.
    (blank screen with a white mouse cursor)

    Then press the space-bar and enter your login password or pin (yes your doing this blind)

    You should now be logged into windows
    if the desktop dose not appear after 30 seconds then press WindowsKey-P down arrow twice and enter.

    I hope this helps
    You're a lifesaver! On my Dell Venue 8" Tablet (Win 10), I inadvertently selected "Second Screen Only" instead of "Extend" and ended up with a Black screen. Your instructions (with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse) returned me to screen #1. Thanks a million.
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  9. Posts : 1
    Windows 10 32 & 64
       07 May 2016 #139

    Black Screen Problem - MY SOLUTION

    Had this problem on an older laptop with Windows 10. Solved it this way.

    Turn On or Off Fast Startup in Windows 10 Windows 10 Performance Maintenance Tutorials

    Click on the START button
    Click on SETTINGS
    Click on SYSTEM
    Click on POWER AND SLEEP (left hand side of screen)
    Under RELATED SETTINGS (near the bottom of the page)
    Click on CHOOSE WHAT POWER BUTTONS DO ( on left hand side of screen)
    Click on CHANGE SETTINGS THAT ARE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE (Near the top next to the shield)

    Under SHUTDOWN SETTINGS (near the bottom of the page)
    Uncheck the box for TURN ON FAST STARTUP
    Click on SAVE CHANGES (page bottom)
    This will insure that all enabled devices are initiated during Windows boot up.
    This change will have very little impact on the actual startup and seems to speed up
    the shutdown time.
    Shut down and see if the change eliminates the problem.
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  10.    23 May 2016 #140

    Black screen with cursor before logging in.




    3: PRESS YOUR POWER BUTTON (this discharges your laptops capacitors draining it of power, clears RAM etc.)


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