Fix for windows 10 booting to a black screen Solved

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  1.    18 Nov 2015 #111

    Not able to do anything. Literally the laptop is as good as dead.
    Not able to see anything like device manager or able to enter safe mode...
    I've been trying to deal with the black screen issue for the last one month with no success. The Windows key + P trick hasn't had any effect. I don't have a 2nd monitor to try and resolve the "phantom screen" issue if it is in fact sending a signal to a non-existent monitor. I don't have a way to reset to the previous OS.

    It wasn't my idea to update and now I'm stuck with this black screen and a cursor that can do nothing.

    If anyone has any other tricks up their sleeves, I could really use the help.
    Nothing works - no control, alt , del , not able to enter safe mode ...

    Guys please help

    RNunez said: View Post
    I've been trying to deal with the black screen issue for the last 2 days with no success. The Windows key + P trick hasn't had any effect. I don't have a 2nd monitor to try and resolve the "phantom screen" issue if it is in fact sending a signal to a non-existent monitor. I don't have a way to reset to the previous OS.

    It wasn't my idea to update and now I'm stuck with this black screen and a cursor that can do nothing.

    If anyone has any other tricks up their sleeves, I could really use the help.
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  2.    19 Nov 2015 #112

    How I fixed Windows 10 on my Dell Vostro 1540

    I don't know if this will help you but here is what I did to fix my machine. I screen chatted with Microsoft and they told me to call support. Support said my desktop was corrupt and that is why I have a black screen after login. They eventually installed a full version of Win 10 and overwrote my Win 7. That didn't work either and I was left on my own after they decided that since Dell had not certified the machine for Win 10 that they would give up.

    Being on my own I tried the standard things I had done in the past when I had problems with Win OS. I had the login screen but when I logged in the desktop would die or would just start out black. First I booted in safe mode. I did this by pressing cntl-alt-del and selecting the task manager. Having the task manager up proved that my graphics card was working and that the problem was that explorer.exe was dead. In the task manager I pressed "file" and "run new task". In the resulting window I typed in msconfig and selected the "create this task with administrator privileges". On the general tab of msconfig I selected "selective startup" and selected the "load system services" but not the "load startup items". I pressed cntl-alt-del again and clicked on the power button in the lower right corner of the blue screen and selected reboot. My machine came up in Safe Mode and the desktop worked. This told me that the problem was something in the startup programs. I launched the task manager again and started the msconfig to change the startup back to normal. In the task manager I went to the startup tab and disabled everything I could. I kept the startup for the touch pad utility and the intel graphics. I then went to the blue screen again and restarted the laptop. I logged in and my desktop came up but it blinked. I found a listing on Microsoft that said any of the following programs could be the problem:

    Norton Antivirus
    Other AV solutions
    IDT Audio (faulting module IDTNC64.cpl)

    I had IDT Audio and uninstalled it. I still had the problem and located that IDTNC64.cpl was still listed as the problem in the syslogs. I started a cmd shell as administrator from task manager and deleted IDTNC64.cpl in the windows32 directory. My machine was fixed.
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    Windows 10 64 bit
       24 Nov 2015 #113

    I eventually remembered that this happened to me the last time I installed Windows and it was because I had the TV plugged in through HDMI. I just unplugged it during installation and that took care of that. Unfortunately, that was not the only issue I had. I also had the "cannot use partition" and the "just a moment" hanging forever issues. So basically everything. Had to go to BIOS to disable my other HDD and networking to finally install Win10 correctly.
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    Win 10 Home 64-bit
       25 Nov 2015 #114

    Hallelujah! I found a reasonable workaround for this issue!!!!

    I'm an extremely experienced IT/computer user and this problem has been driving me insane for months now. I've installed all different versions of AMD drivers, used the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter (which worked in regard to fixing the blank screen issues but caused other issues - crappy performance, no sleep function available, had to disable the Win10 Update service to keep the driver from auto updating, etc.) From all the research I've done, it is definitely related to Windows 10, AMD video chipsets, and AMD Windows 10 drivers.

    To be more specific, the problem I'm experiencing is such that I can attach an external monitor to my laptop and still see what's going on. In other words, my video card is always working but my laptop screen goes blank/dark only when I'm plugged into AC power. This happens when I initially boot Windows 10 plugged in to AC, or when I've booted my laptop into Windows without AC power (works fine) and then plug in AC power (screen goes blank). Once it goes blank, I can always get it back if I put the laptop to sleep and waking it up again using the laptop's power button.

    So here's the fix I found for my situation. Go into your Advanced Power Settings and change your screen brightness to *anything* but 100% when plugged in (see pic below). So far, it's worked like a charm and I have all of my graphics capabilities intact.

    I really hope this works for you. From what I can tell based on my research, this is a pretty massive widespread issue. I have spent at least a solid week over the past two months trying to fix this. The question still remains whether this is a Microsoft or AMD problem, but it's definitely a software/driver issue and not a hardware problem. I'll also be monitoring to see if this problem remains after my laptop auto-updates to the latest Win 10 build, 10568. I'm currently running build 10240.

    Adjust Screen Brightness in Windows 10 Windows 10 General Tips Tutorials

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	AMDBrightnessFix.JPG 
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    Below is the original link which solved the problem for me:
    black screen when charging after upgrade to windows 10 - Microsoft Community
    Last edited by Brink; 18 Sep 2017 at 10:09. Reason: added tutorial link for more info
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  5.    25 Nov 2015 #115

    The same thing here. It's a problem with AMD Radeon CRAP. It used to work some times on battery etc but not any more. It unreliable intermittently works.. It's the same with Windows 7, Windows 10. I don't think Windows is the problem. It's AMD drivers problem. If it's Windows problem, it will not even allow you on default driver. Microsoft has solutions like disabling driver signature etc. it might help majority of the folks. It did not help me though.
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  6.    12 Dec 2015 #116

    I've installed Win10 on many client machines and have found that if the system is experiencing "out of the norm" functionality after installing / upgrading to Windows 10, e.g., The Black Screen after boot up...system running, but no display.....upgrading the BIOS on the system in question solves many issues. Hope it works for someone out there. It's worked for me on many different systems.
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  7.    15 Dec 2015 #117

    This works for me...

    I tried everything in this thread. I noticed that my monitor signaled a connection and then lost it several times during boot. So I turned off the monitor and booted the machine. I waited until I was sure it completed the boot. Then I powered up the monitor and all was working. I've tried this several times in a row, works every time (but fails if I leave the monitor on).
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  8.    16 Dec 2015 #118

    What was the driver that worked?

    Keldian said: View Post
    I had this problem as well: boot into a black screen with the cursor appearing if I move the mouse, and 20s later regular login.

    Turns out Windows Update auto-installed a faulty "AMDA00 Interface" driver, which is a component in Asus motherboards, and that's what caused the hang. And you can't just uninstall the driver, because Windows keeps reinstalling it without asking, so you have to block auto device updates first (I'd already blocked auto Windows Update from the group policy editor, but that wasn't enough). That's how I solved it at first, but I ended up finding a proper driver for it. Now every reboot takes me to the desktop in less than 10 sec.

    So those experiencing this problem, check the device manager for exclamation marks. And if there's nothing there, check the Windows Update history for suspicious driver installs.

    For those upgrading or clean installing, disconnect the network and disable WiFi until you've done everything in your power to block auto updating. Also, it's a good idea to prepare official drivers for your hardware in advance and storing them locally, then installing them before reconnecting.
    What was the driver that worked for you?
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  9.    23 Dec 2015 #119

    On my desktop i have update the driver of my pc with this program Driver Reviver da ReviverSoft
    and my boot it's very fast then before.i suggest to try it.
    in the past i have used driver booster also bu the the situation it's the same.
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    Windows 10 Home
       26 Dec 2015 #120

    Screen only opens properly after pressing CTRL+ALT+Delete

    Hi, I'm new here and I hope I'm posting this in the right place.

    Anyway, so I a friend of mine upgraded his laptop into windows 10 last night and the black screen showed. I was able to find a solution for that. The whole Shift+Restart then Safe Mode with Networking thing. So, I did updated the graphics driver and everything but after I restarted the screen was still black so I pressed ctrl+alt+delete then chose task manager. When it opened it turns out the screen has already been loaded and everything. I thought it was fine now but just to be safe I all the graphics driver again then restarted the computer then same thing happened again.

    So, my question is what should I do so he wouldn't have to press ctr+alt+delete every time the computer loads just to make the screen show up. Is there any permanent solution to this? I've already tried to read every solution I can find but I just can't find one that's the same as this one. I would really appreciate anyone's help. Please. Thank you. :)
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