Windows 10: Too many Windows 10 problems, should I go back to Windows 7?

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  1.    20 Feb 2018 #21

    Picadilly said: View Post
    (1) My computer is not on the HP list of computers that are compatible with Windows 10. But 1703 installed successfully. Does this mean that my computer should be compatible with version 1709?
    Not necessarily - i have a Compaq Presario w/ an integrated nVidia GeForce. I could install 1709 but consistently suffered with GSOD - two error messages primarily which pointed to my graphic card needing an update. Well, i would if i could but i can't so i won't I have the last one i could install installed (from Jan 30/15) Had to go back to 1703 & GSODs stopped!

    Picadilly said: View Post
    (2) This problem (forced updates) is disturbing me enough that I'm thinking of installing Windows 7. This would be incredibly laborious and risky. Honestly, it takes me a full month to get everything installed correctly (antivirus, email, word processors, files, etc etc), solve dozens of bugs, update drivers, remove garbage, and set up the computer for maximum usability (I have vision problems and need to modify the interface extensively. I would have to pay a technician to do the main installation of Windows 7 because I don't have enough skill. I have minimal computer knowledge. What do you think of this idea of installing Windows 7, in hopes that Microsoft will come to its senses in a couple of years and restore user control over updates?
    Download a program called 'Windows Update MiniTool' Run checking for updates from the program ONLY, not from Windows Update. When you see the update available for the 1709 upgrade, hide it by putting a check mark beside the update & click on the 'H' for hide. Please note: It more than likely will appear again down the line as a available update - again, put the check mark beside it & click on the 'H' to hide again. DO NOT USE WINDOWS UPDATE IN SETTINGS or else it will start downloading again. I use WUMT in conjunction with another program 'Windows Update Blocker' suggested by another user in the forum. You will have to enable the service in Windows Update Blocker before checking with WUMT. Then, when you are finished hiding the updates you don't want & installing the ones you do want, disable the service so Windows Update doesn't do anything in the background, like check/install what you don't want installed!

    Picadilly said: View Post
    (3) I have a spare computer with Windows 8.1. I assume that if I try to use it, it will also be subject to the forced update to Windows 10?
    Nope, you can use that computer with no trepidation of Win 10 being forced onto it!

    Bon chance!!
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  2.    24 Feb 2018 #22

    These solutions seem to have worked! Thanks so much! You guys are brilliant.
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  3.    24 Feb 2018 #23

    Hi there

    If you are a serious Freelancer and potentially could lose 1000's of dollars I'd suggest your strategy is somewhat defective. (Not trying to slight you off - but I'm being serious here - I've done Free Lance gigs all over the place so do have knowledge of this type of problem).

    First if I were dependent on my computer for my income - I'd always have a backup machine --these days a 2nd laptop can be had relatively cheaply and in most jurisdictions as a free Lancer you could get some tax deductions too.

    Secondly - why not run W10 as a Virtual machine until you are satisfied with it.

    Don't put yourself in a position where avoidable computer defects lead to a loss of earnings.

    That said W10 IMO is the most stable version yet so if it's failing to install you must have some very weird hardware or some rogue applications.

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  4.    24 Feb 2018 #24

    Jimbo, thanks for your input. I learned the hard way to have a backup computer, and I do. I also realize that my solution is only temporary. It's a Windows world and eventually I'll have to accept Windows 10 updates. At least I've gained some time to understand the Windows 10 problems better. I don't even know what a virtual machine is. I'm so frustrated that Windows computers and MS software require ever increasing levels of technical expertise. More than a car, I think. Since Windows 8 I've lost hundreds of hours researching Windows and software problems. Each new computer probably costs me $2000 in lost work time just installing everything and solving problems. This never used to happen until Windows 8. My car, by comparison, costs me less than $500 a year in expectable repairs (because parts wear out) and runs trouble free the rest of the time. I feel that Microsoft has imposed on consumers a very low standard of intuitive usability, reliability, and problem solving. I think we will one day pay a very high price for allowing Microsoft so much control over 90% of the world's computers.
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