"change location of onedrive" tutorial leaving me stuck at Pin to QA Solved

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       11 Feb 2018 #11

    If you were able to move the OneDrive folder to where you wanted, then there's no need to start over with it.

    Are you able to use OneDrive how you wanted now?
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  2.    11 Feb 2018 #12


    no, it doesn't seem to be. I moved it to D: but it still exists at C:. And when I upload files from D: to OneDrive.live they quickly appear back in C:, which is what I wanted to avoid because of space available. I am going to try to delete the onedrive in C: ; then I am going to limit the files/folders that I keep on PC. I know I saw the latter option somewhere. I will also try the tutorial again before I try those two options.

    tried all of this; delete D:, then C: reran tutorial with restart on onedrive. Do not get ability to "move" under any circumstance. I am assuming if I could Move onedrive to a different drive, it would remove the C: drive location. But I can't get there.

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  3.    15 Feb 2018 #13

    Has anyone been able to move onedrive as described in the tutorial?
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  4. Brink's Avatar
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       15 Feb 2018 #14

    I have no problems doing so.

    Just to verify, are you doing all of the steps exactly in the tutorial?

    It's critical that you unlink OneDrive before moving the folder, and to select the new folder location when setting up OneDrive next.

    Change Location of OneDrive Folder in Windows 10 Windows 10 Tutorials
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  5.    15 Feb 2018 #15


    I have done it exactly as written and have tried it on two different pc's. Both are running win10 1709. I will do it again just to double check.

    But tell me something; if I were successful at the move would I still be seeing OndDrive on dthe C: drive? I get a terbyte of space on OneDrive; does that mean I need a one TB + C: drive?
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       15 Feb 2018 #16

    Whichever folder you setup OneDrive to use at step 12 should be the one your OneDrive files are saved at.

    You would only need a drive large enough to be able to save you OneDrive files on. If you have 50 GB of files, then you would need at least that much free space on the hard drive. It doesn't matter how much space your online OneDrive has available.
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  7.    17 Feb 2018 #17

    Change location of oonedrive

    Here is a summary of efforts; I repeated this many times and only had success once but not completely. I was able to select "move" but disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

    summary starts

    on startup my onedrive icon is greyed out.

    went to tutorial "how to turn on or off...sign into win10"
    Onedrive was set to "startonedrive...on this pc"
    the registry key data value was as in the tutorial

    reset onedrive per this command
    %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset
    this(according to one guru) makes OD icon disappear (it did) and should reappear in a few min.
    it did not. So in run window enter this command

    This command apparently brings up a "set up one drive" dialog with a request to 'enter email address' which i did and clicked on the "sign in" box
    something was loaded and a password was requested. I entered my live password and a

    "This is your OneDdrive folder" dialog came up and told me my one drive folder was at

    "C:\users\Tom_B\OneDrive" under which was a link "Change Location" and then a box "next"
    I did not want to "change location" here, I wanted to follow the tutorial. So I hit "next"

    dialog comes up "Files already exist in this folder" with options "choose new location" or "Use this location" again I wanted to follow tute so I selected "use this locatioh"
    there was a signal it was loading then a "welcome dto onedrive"with instruct to drag items into one drve folder and a proceed arrow which I clicked.

    New dialog "all your files, ready, and on-demand" online,on this device and an option mark your important files. again proceed

    new dialog "sharae files and folders" and a graphical how to". Again proceed

    dialog to get app for mobile, I was not interested. Proceeded to next dialog which says "your good to go" and an invite to "open my onedrive folder"

    I did and my icon turned white and there was a burst of screen activity which ended quickly.

    I assumed I was now ready to follow the tutorial

    so here goes

    RC on settings: dialog comes up MS onedrive
    under account tab click on "unlink this PC" which I did
    Up comes dialog "Unlink account on this Pc?; I click on unlink account

    The "Set up Onedrive" box opens which I will leave for later action

    I am now to open the location of My Onedrive folder. This was previously ID'd as
    "C:\users\Tom_B\OneDrive" I notice that the location bar has a strange location in it as

    "::{018d5c66-4533-4307-9b53-224de2ed1fe6} continuing on...
    Select home tab and click on "move" tab and it looks like it's going to work. the move dialog is active but now I start searching for my location and maybe that's where things go wrong
    and I either hit a wrong button

    So I loop back to the beginning and when I get to this point i will record every move

    End of summary

    Final act: I seem to be having much luck proceeding from relocate options presented when I start by filling in the box you say to "wait until #9" (just after the inlink operations). As it stands now I am having relocation which seems to be working OK and if it doesn't I will get back with you.

    thanks much for your patience
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       17 Feb 2018 #18


    I'm happy to hear that you have gotten it moved to where you wanted.
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