Files No Longer Are Shown/Visible, But Exist (After Fall Update)

  1.    30 Jan 2018 #1

    Files No Longer Are Shown/Visible, But Exist (After Fall Update)

    I put off installing the Fall Creators Update to avoid headaches. Finally the nagging notifications became a headache themselves so I opted to go ahead and update. Unfortunately this caused issues with not my main HDD with Windows 10, but my additional two hard drives I have hooked up to my PC via an external 4-bay enclosure.

    The issue that the update caused on my first hard drive was essentially it created errors in the boot sector of the drive, so no matter what machine I plugged the drive into (Windows or Linux) it would not recognize the file system/format of the drive and kept telling me that it needed to be formatted. In order to fix this, I simply ran chkdsk /x /f on the drive which found errors and fixed them. The drive was then able to be read by my Windows machine as normal.

    The issue that the update caused on my second hard drive is where I'm having trouble. It didn't do anything like the above issue, but what it did was created permission issues across all files/directories on the drive (basically stating I didn't not have access to any of the data, and I'd have to continue as administrator). This was easily enough fixable by just adjusting the permissions so I was able to read/write to the existing drive and files.

    But one problem for that drive still remains.

    I noticed that files I had recently added to that drive were missing. The directories I had created to place the files in were still there, however the files themselves were gone. I didn't know if it was a file indexing problem, where the files were on there but just not indexed to be shown... if that makes any sense. I ran a similar chkdsk command from above except this time including /r. This checked the entire drive and took about 6-7 hours total for, I believe, was 9200 files total. The log report at the end showed no errors or any indication that it fixed anything. And still, when I look for those files that were missing, they are still indeed missing.

    These are regular media files (e.g. mp3, mkv, mp4) so they should not be hidden. And even if they were, I have all system/hidden files set to be shown. I also ran command prompt as Administrator and issued a dir /ah and the files did not show up that way either. I know the files exist though because the amount of disk space that these missing files add up to are 0.8TB. The total amount of the visible files adds up to 2TB. However the entire disk usage report states that I'm using 2.8TB of data. That obviously means there's 0.8TB of data somewhere on that disk that does not appear anywhere. It's also too funny of a coincidence that the amount of data unaccounted for is the same size of the files that are unaccounted for.

    If anyone has any suggestions or troubleshooting steps they could provide, I'd be very thankful. Here is just a quick output of chkdsk for the drive in question.
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    Good work on resolving most of the issues, i'm lost on how upgrading to Fall Creators Update will cause all your external hard drives problems any how, can you please tell us storage size of the problem drive. Can you also tell us hard drive brand name also hard drive partition style (GPT or MBR) and file system (NTFS, FAT32).
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    FreeBooter said: View Post
    Good work on resolving most of the issues, i'm lost on how upgrading to Fall Creators Update will cause all your external hard drives problems any how, can you please tell us storage size of the problem drive. Can you also tell us hard drive brand name also hard drive partition style (GPT or MBR) and file system (NTFS, FAT32).
    Thanks for the reply. I'm at a loss to as to how an update would cause this. For what it's worth, I also tried a different external hard drive enclosure on different machines as well and still had/having the same problems.

    But to answer your question, the disk I'm still having issues with is a Seagate (ST3000DM001), GPT, NTFS, and 3TB. And again for what it's worth, the other drive that experienced problems but I fixed was an entirely different brand/capacity (Western Digital, 5TB)
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    Please download and run SeaTools for Windows.

    Before the installation begins you will be prompted to either Decline or Accept the terms of the installation, click on I Accept.

    1. Once the installation begins SeaTools for Windows will search for HDDs and SSDs on your computer.

    2. Detected Drives will list the HDDs and SSDs found. Place a check mark in the drive box you want to run the scan on.

    3. You will see Basic Tests toolbar above Detected Drives, move the mouse pointer over this to open the test options. Please click on Long Generic Test

    4. This will start the scan. When the scan is complete you will see the result under Test Status , please post the results in your topic.

    5. The test will indicate either Pass or Fail. Post the results of the scan in your topic.

    6. Click on Help, then click on View Log File. If the scan failed take a screen shot of the Log File and post it in your topic.
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  5.    01 Feb 2018 #5

    Thanks again for the reply. The scan took a while so just getting around to posting the results.

    I scanned the drive in question with the missing files and it finished, 100%, and states "Long Generic - Pass".

    The snippet from the logs show:
    Long Generic - Started 1/31/2018 4:28:35 PM
    Long Generic - Pass 2/1/2018 1:10:09 AM

    Any ideas?
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    Can you please use free version of the Recuva recover accidentally deleted files.

    You should also scan and repair the HDD file system errors and bad sectors by executing below command:

    Chkdsk  X:  /r
    Replace the X: drive letter with the drive letter of the HDD you want to repair.
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