Annoying issues on new Win 10 build

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    Annoying issues on new Win 10 build

    I built a Win10 machine several months ago and I finally have time to chase down a couple annoyances. The first being noises that emanate when playing music files from any one of three players that I have. When using VLC I get a noise at exactly 1:05 into every music file. Probably .25 sec long. Also, when playing youtube videos I get the same exact sound at intervals I have yet to determine but they are pretty regular and spaced probably 5-10 minutes apart. The sound is like a digital stutter for half a sec. I also have some noise that sounds like snaps and pops on vinyl being played on a turntable.

    The next problem is weird mouse lag or just really slow to move with what I am doing for brief periods.

    This PC is not lacking anywhere except maybe the sound card which is kind of obvious. I am using the built-in sound device but on this machine, I can not see why it would be a problem. For both issues, I have uninstalled and reinstalled, updated whatever drivers. I have not been able to improve on these issues at all.
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    Do you have your mobo drivers installed to include the latest BIOS? What is make/model of your external speakers? How do they connect to the PC? Is the connection fully seated?
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    The connection is good it is a 3mm plugin the back, had the speaks (Klipsch 2.1) for years and I tested them on other devices, never an issue. I did update the bios very early in the build. The entire time with this machine and getting sound from it has been an ordeal.
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    I have two system, each with their own Klipsch 2.1 speaker system. The only problem I have ever had with the Klipsch 2.1 is the wire connections to the speakers. I solved this problem by soldering the ends of the wires. This makes a very good connection at the speaker wire clamp connection.

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    Not the issue. I recorded the sound with Audacity and the noise did not appear on in the waveform. It was just blank on the recording. Trust me though, there is a noise on every audio file at 1:06.
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    You've ruled out software as the issue as it happens with the 3 that you use. So that leaves hardware. It's either the speakers themselves, mobo or sound chip on the mobo or the audio driver. From time to time, parts on a new mobo can and do go bad. Is the mobo still under warranty?
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    Kind of what I am thinking too. Mobo issue but hopefully isolated to just the sound chip. I have been building my own PCs for almost 20 years and sound is always a problem early on and then I get it worked out. Most of the time by buying a sound card, which is probably what I am going to do. I bought the board in Oct 17, not sure about warranty but I would rather not tear it down and rebuild if I can install a 3rd party sound card.
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    You might ask the vendor you got the board from if they will cross-ship a new one, usually give a week or two to send back the original. In my experience assembling machines in computer shops since '94 it takes longer to install software than to install or replace parts.
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    Try going to the Device Manager and uninstalling the audio device from there. I have SB Audigy. Try uninstalling every one that relates to your audio card driver (or every one under Audio inputs and outputs).

    After that, click Action > Scan for hardware changes. The drivers should reinstall themselves back again. See if that could help.

    Annoying issues on new Win 10 build-image.png
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    Could it be related to a microphone in some way?
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