System Message "Preparing Security Options ( Ctrl + Alt + Del )" Solved

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  1.    20 Jan 2018 #1

    System Message "Preparing Security Options ( Ctrl + Alt + Del )"


    I've tryed to do my homework reading early posts about this issue, but found no clear answer.

    When I try to go to Task Manager, I get a message "Preparing Security Options" right before the blue screen with the menu were Task Manager access option is. Sometimes slower, other faster, but it's always there.

    My question is: Is this normal with a really fresh an clean Win 10 Pro install and why? Does someone knows what's beyond the persistent fog that surrounds this never before answered question ( anywhere ) ?

    Thanks in advance, to all of you taking the time.

    Alberto P.
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  2.    20 Jan 2018 #2

    You can open Task Manager many ways.

    • Right-click the Taskbar and click on Task Manager.
    • Open Start, do a search for Task Manager and click the result.
    • Use the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keyboard shortcut.
    • Use the Ctrl + Alt + Del keyboard shortcut and click on Task Manager.

    Its strange why Windows displays a "Preparing Security Options" message when you use Ctrl + Alt + Del keyboard shortcut, can you please check and see if this issue resolves from Safe Mode.
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    I briefly get the "Preparing Security Options" screen on all my Win10 Pro and Home machines when I use C-A-D. It's quicker on some machines so it can be hard to catch but it's there.

    As to why it's there - I can only guess. You can change your password and switch users at the C-A-D screen so I suppose that those are the "security options" Windows is preparing.
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  4.    20 Jan 2018 #4

    PolarNettles said: View Post
    I briefly get the "Preparing Security Options" screen on all my Win10 Pro and Home machines when I use C-A-D. It's quicker on some machines so it can be hard to catch but it's there.
    Thanks, i don't get "Preparing Security Options" screen, OP it looks like its all normal.
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  5.    20 Jan 2018 #5

    Hello FreeBooter,

    Thank you for your reply. I followed your suggestion. Boot in Safe Mode, first with network option, second with minimal boot. And yes - Very fast, but the system message still appears.

    Just for the records: My upstairs neighbour, she´s a high school teacher in the information technology area. I got reasons to believe that at certain point, she gained access to my computer via Security Policies in Windows Server, using the built-in hidden Administrator account. There has been a loooooonnng learning curve, so please don't think I'm a security paranoid neither I am a Power User. Just a regular user with some knowledge.

    If you remember something else I can try, please let me know.

    Thank you once again

    Aberto P.
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  6.    20 Jan 2018 #6

    You can disable and enable Windows OS administrative hidden shares with my batch script attached to my post.
    System Message "Preparing Security Options ( Ctrl + Alt + Del )" Attached Files
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  7.    20 Jan 2018 #7

    I just tried this on a completely clean install of 1709 with no network connection and I see it also. So it looks like a normal Windows message.
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  8.    20 Jan 2018 #8

    PolarNettles, thanks for the info.

    As to you FreeBooter, I will try your batch script as soon as I get back to my pc.
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  9.    20 Jan 2018 #9

    As for hidden build-in Administrator account you can disable it if you like when disabled no one can connect to your computer using build-in Administrator account.

    Please open the Command Prompt by simply holding down the + X keys and select the option “Command Prompt (Admin)” from the menu.

    Please execute below command to disable build-in Administrator account:

    Net user  Administrator  /Active:no

    If you want you can enable build-in Administrator account by executing below command:

    Net user  Administrator  /Active:yes
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  10.    20 Jan 2018 #10

    FreeBooter said: View Post
    Net user  Administrator  /Active:yes
    You should never do that. Administrator has blank password so if you enable it anyone can either sign on or use their token.

    If you want to enable it you should say
    Net user Administrator ABCDEFG /Active:yes
    Obviously no-one would guess "ABCDEFG" as a password but if you think they might you could choose another one

    Any password is better than none at all.
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