Wynona said:
And I'm the hardware one ... I love building computers and adding stuff to existing ones. :)
That would actually work for me too, but software got to me before hardware :) Started out on Big Iron.
Wynona said:
From everything you've posted so far, and (whatever BOINC is) removing BOINC seems to have cured the issue, I'd hold off on replacing anything.
That's the now very old SETI community program, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. It's still there, but BOINC (no idea what that stands for) has evolved to many different collaborative mostly scientific projects around the world, including medicine, and other sciences. It uses your machine during time frames you set to chew data it sends you periodically and later updates back. It's pretty cool, actually.
Wynona said:
I would suggest that maybe once a week or so, that you unplug the computer while you're using it and let the battery drain until it starts warning you. Then you can plug it in and continue on with what you're doing.

Sometimes software can cause issues with hardware. Those issues are hardest to diagnose. But, just maybe, you've cured your own problem. Give it some time ...
This makes sense to me, certainly can't hurt.