Windows 10: W10 Fail

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       31 Jul 2015 #61

    delsus said: View Post
    You can still open start and just type to search with Cortana hidden from the task bar, despite there being no actual search bar in the start menu
    That's cool, and really good. Does that still happen even when Cortana is enabled on the task bar?
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       31 Jul 2015 #62

    Apparently a couple long-timers here don't know what the world "analogy" means.
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    Apparently someone wants to give them a lesson ? I think Wiki has that covered.
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    Mystere said: View Post
    My own experience with Windows 8.x and Windows 10 (and to some extent Vista) is that most end users believe whatever you, the "expert" tells them about computers and OS's. If you tell them how crappy something is, that is what they will believe. If you tell them how wonderful something is, they will believe that too.

    It's only the stubborn, change-resistant techie crowd that seems to have real problems with these new OS's (and this is nothing new, going back to even XP, all the "techs" were complaining about it being a "fisher price OS", and complaining about the start menu. Fast forward 10 years and those exact same people were complaining about Windows 8's start screen and talking about how wonderful XP was and how they wanted the XP menu on 8. Fast forward another few years, and Windows 10 comes out, and many (but not all) of those same people are complaining about how they want the Windows 8 start screen back.

    It never fails, what's new sucks, what's old is the best whatever ever... until the next new thing when that sucks and the thing that sucked before is now the best whatever ever.
    It couldnt be said better!
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    In short, inertia.
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       06 Aug 2015 #66

    CountMike said: View Post
    In short, inertia.
    I would say this inertia will push harder into the future than W8's did. You see, M$ hyped W10 so much to try and get the attention away from W8 that the Windows/Tech forums are filling-up with negatives. Negatives that are not going to be perceived well by W7 Users (happy campers).

    So yet again, in the midst of a crowded corner on a server, I will be right again about W10, just as I was about W8.

    And they were singing, "bye, bye Microsoft pie in the sky...."
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  7.    07 Aug 2015 #67

    I don't have a Chevy to drive to a levy but can't predict any soon to be MS or Windows demise. They are moving in same direction all other OSes do and desktop computers with desktop only OS are moving to a minority status. Desktop computers are moving to same branch as mainframes were before PC. It will not take long when technology will provide much better performance for small, portable devices that can be paired with larger displays like smart TVs, projectors or even holograms, glasses with display etc.
    Anybody trying to predict future based on temporary "Now" is bound to fail.
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       07 Aug 2015 #68

    mousegolf said: View Post
    I was hoping for a "reduction" with the bells and whistles when I installed W10 yesterday. It saddens me that Microsoft did not listen to people about the traditional Start Menu--or at least, give the PC user the ability to change the Start Menu to look and behave exactly like Windows XP, Vista and 7. Not all three but carry on the fundamentals.

    Change can be good but Microsoft continues to fail when looking at the OS for Desktop and Laptop computers. The analogy is so obvious too. People rely on their cars everyday to go from A to B and the configuration of the driving and shifting have been the same for nearly a century. Windows Desktop and Laptop users rely on the PC everyday for work, entertainment, research and discovery. The Start Menu is analogous to the driving mechanism of a car. Add a few features to the dashboard, sure, but don't reconfigure the fundamentals of how to drive the car.

    I am guessing that 75% of Windows 7 users around the world will convert back to W7 (PC users). When it's time for Vista users to buy a new machine, I am speculating they will take the advice of people who experienced W8 and W10 and will shop online for Windows 7.

    Microsoft needs to stop this madness. Unbelievable...
    Well, well, well. Just saw this thread. Lookie what we have here once again. I thought your forum name and avatar looked familiar. Upon looking at your forum post history I see you don’t come here often and you were here back in November of last year to start this thread: Dissapointed but not suprised. - Windows 10 Forums. And now this. What are you some kind of IT Pro forum-traveling preacher hell bent on getting “your gospel truth” across? Nothing gets my goat more than IT Pro “ilk” such as you that come on with nothing but your self-proclaimed truth attempting to get people riled up and construct a long thread with their responses. Trollers must have certain personality disorders such as arsonists have. They start a fire only to return to the scene to receive joy in watching the havoc they created.

    IMO with your line of thinking most of the world would still be stuck using DOS with command line for God’s sake. I think you to be a hindrance to your clients rather than a help. You make money of Windows users, yet you come on bashing a new product you have potential to sponge yet more money off of. If anything you should be grateful that there are so many Windows editions. Wouldn’t that widen your client base? Or do you sit with your comfortable margin-sized client base in your ivory tower with your narcissistic-type attitude highly stressing to stick with Windows 7? It sure sounds that way with statements like “The last thing they want or need is a "new" learning curve” and “I am guessing that 75% of Windows 7 users around the world will convert back to W7 (PC users)”. Geez, man, will you please get a clue as to what MS has newly created and continues to hone with each build. In this case, would not your clients benefit from a familiar OS platform across all devices?

    Human factors and ergonomics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Do you have a degree in ergonomics? If not, simply shut up about the new Start menu in 10 or bashing 8 with the introduced Start screen. If anything, MS has devised a way to navigate the system much quicker with the introduction of the new WinRT Starts to include tiles/live tiles. The new Start menu of 10 contains all the “fundamentals” and more. Included is to gain more personal important data at any given moment with the simple push of WinKey or Start flag. We’ll have a showdown at the OK Corral to see who draws the quickest: The Real Quality Boot Time of 8 Verses 7. You may include OS 10 as equivalent in that respect via Start menu default size (or larger), full screen option, or Tablet mode.

    Last, but not least > In addressing your car analogy > BBC - Autos - Why do we use steering wheels instead of joysticks?. Perhaps a learning curve, but not impossible. Again, with your line of thinking we’d still be riding horses.

    I feel you need to stop your madness. Unbelievable...
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    I found that when I did the upgrade install, it did indeed have lots of problems. So perhaps you'd get better experience with a clean install. After all the clean install is free too!
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       07 Aug 2015 #70

    Disagree. I hate to admit it but Micro$oft actually won here. Love Windows 10.
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