I am not sure if this is speaker fault or Windows but co operation between my UE Boom Bluetooth speaker and Windows both 7 and 10 was always crappy to put it mildly.
However after installing latest Fall Creators Update problem became really annoying.
Prior to the update when connected speaker would start stuttering after a brief period of inactivity. Sometimes I could pause a movie and leave for 5 minutes and it would be fine and sometimes 30 seconds of no sound would be enough to throw connection off and have speaker stuttering.
Usually turning speaker off and back on would help.

However after the update a more serious problem has presented itself. Once the speaker is connected but it disconnects, for example going to sleep to save power it won't connect again unless I restart the computer. Funny thing that even "fresh" it does not always connect automatically, I literally have to open "Bluetooth and Devices" and scroll down to where speaker is listed and then it connects on its own accord.

Anyone else experiencing bluetooth problems? Is there any patch, solution? According to Windows my Bluetooth driver is up to date.
Bluetooth chip is: Qualcomm Atheros AR3011

I was able only to estabilish that Qualcomm does not provide drivers directly to consumers and the one on MSI website seems outdated, someone maybe has a way to source a driver newer than