Hi all,
apologies for my rant earlier - I always have high expectations of new software and I nearly always set up a dual boot with a Linux box after coming back down to earth. My newest system installed OK and I'm just playing with it now - as you do.
The older machine didn't go quite so smoothly - a failed install @ 1:48am this morning. Stuck with it though and re-ran the install - that completed successfully at around 3:50 this morning. Grabbed a few hours kip and got on here to recount my win 10 experience. to you.
I think this was a bit of a cobble together exercise by MS, in order to get the product out and if it follows the trend of 95, 98, XP etc we can expect a service pack in a few months. Thanks for listening and also your considered replies
Dave Hickman
PS the hack was published by Brink - and may well be on the seven forum - I'll have to check. But it worked and it's an MS original fix.
I go back before Linux - Unix was being written and PDP-11s ruled the world and I felt great. - D