No caps lock sound

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    Windows 10 Home v1903

    No caps lock sound

    Windows 10 Dell xps13

    Please read: In Settings>Ease of Access>Keyboard>Toggle Keys>"Hear a tone when you press Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock" it is ON

    I have had Caps Lock play a sound since day one of this laptop. It did work for awhile but it stopped and has never worked since.

    How can I get this feature to work again.
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    Windows 10 Home v1903
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    I'm following up to my own post. This is NOT caps lock INDICATOR. That's on the keyboard.

    I'm talking about ease of access/caps lock sound.
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    Windows 10 pro

    Don't know if this will work for you?

    In Settings>Ease of Access>Keyboard>next button under Toggle Keys is a button named "Turn on Toggle Keys" , if you enable this, you should be able to turn on and off the sound for Caps/Scroll/Num, by holding the "Num Lock" key for 5 seconds?
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    Windows 10 Home v1903
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    No NumLock key

    Even though there is that setting in windows 10 ease of access, the Dell XPS-13 has no NumLock key.
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    Windows 10 pro

    Pressing "Fn" and "F11" simultaneously on the keyboard (hold them for 5 seconds) works on some Dell keyboards.

    Another possibility is:-
    If your Dell laptop has a LOCK ICON on the keypad 9 key then someone has pressed [F3]+[9], try holding those keys for 5 seconds?

    key may say "Num Lock" or may have an icon of a keypad.

    Or try:- Go to the on screen keyboard (run as a program from the start menu), select the "options" key, then tick "turn on numeric key pad", then a NumLock button appears in the bottom right hand corner of the the on screen keyboard, click it to turn on num lock (remember hold for 5 seconds).

    I hope one of these suggestions work for you?I
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    Windows 10 Home v1903
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    Dell XPS-13 is the pits

    Thanks so much for giving it the good ol' college try Willabong but none of these methods worked. When I go to onscreen keyboard its caps lock key makes a click sound but that's it.

    One other thing, my ESCape key has a Fn lock icon on it but pressing it 5 sec does nothing.

    My Dell XPS-13 laptop has been trouble-trouble-trouble from the very start in June of this year. Nothing works right.

    I want the function keys to work as function keys but going into the BIOS to change that has changed nothing (many programs still utilize the function keys including Windows File Manager).

    I cannot select my own tray icons to show, only the system tray icons show. Double click on desktop icons sometimes doesn't work. The battery runs down with the computer off; I have changed the power USB to off in the BIOS but it still runs down. Desktop icons keep rearranging themselves. The audio is flakey and Realtek HD Audio Manager is running but can't be accessed.

    I haven't had any time to do anything useful on my laptop.
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    Windows 10 pro

    The fn key will only work in conjunction with another key! The idea is that the fn key when pressed with another key alters the function of the second key, as an example from a number key to a symbol key. Most laptops batteries will run down when the laptop is switched off (some quicker than others), I have 3 laptops and they all do this!
    Sorry but I can't think of anything else to try? Maybe someone else will find the answer and post?

    PS: The fn key and F4 works on some Dell laptops, so if the Escape key has fn on it, then pressing that and holding it and the F4 key for 5 seconds may work?
    Make sure that the Toggle keys are on in Settings/Ease of Access first!
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    Windows 10 pro

    As an alternative you can try: Overview CapsLock Indicator

    This is a free Caps Lock indicator that shows the state of Caps/Num/Scroll in the system tray, and it also pops up a small label on your desktop for a second or two to show on or off. Sorry but none of the free caps loch utilities play a sound?
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