I had many problems with the Windows Start Menu and Cortana not working at all 3 days ago and I have resorted to Resetting my PC after many attempts of trying to fix the problem by following google and youtube guides.

Everything was working fine for 2 days until now at 1am when I decided to play some music from my desktop and when it was too loud I wanted to lower the volume as I normally would via the Groove Music app, however I noticed that it never showed up on my screen nor the task bar, and then I decided to search Groove Music in Cortana and quickly came to the realisation that once again the windows menu and cortana have stopped working.

I have completely no idea what the problem could be and/or why is this happening. Is it a fault with a Windows Update?

I have literally only installed like a couple of programs including Steam (and the games on it), Skype, Team Speak 3, Discord, Lightshot and Google Chrome.

I have tried entering these "GetApp" commands in Powershell but they are stuck at "Processing" for an hour or so now.

I don't know if this is of any benefit but before I reset my PC I also noticed that alot of "Powershell has stopped working" errors were coming up frequently.

Edit: Now trying to play music just doesn't work at all, however the Groove Music App is showing up in my Task Manager and eating up Memory.