Its always something when I upgrade windows. Each time i tell myself it wont be like the previous mess which always had led me to a clean install, and each time i learn the hard way.

Seems the 4th or 5th time isnt the charm. After a few rolls back n forwards I managed to remove my lacp/team and some vpn stuff and intels drivers and got my network working again - almost almost proud I made an upgrade work apart from a few annoyances.

Then I go to browse through some of the new settings and BAM.

If I open the game bar in game I can see the game mode checkbox, but If i go through PC settings the slider is just not there.

The game mode category is there where it always is, but when I open it up I get the text that "this pc supports game mode" but the slider to enable or disable it is MIA.

Sitting here shaking my head. Already tried the good ole /sfc. Dont want to roll back especially after spending an entire day top to bottom working on getting the kinks out but jesus, an entire feature just being not there might force my hand.

any ideas?