This has been a huge problem ever since getting my new 4K GT73VR Titan Pro gaming laptop. I finally kind of gave up and just set my resolution down to 1920x1080 so that it scales correctly. I have messed with right click game.exe->compatibility->and checking override high DPI scaling behavior performed by->and changing it from application to system. This typically solves the problem some what. But indie games (I would imagine they don't all have all the optimizing with resolution like AAA titles have) are always a big issue and I am forced to lower my resolution (which is just frustrating).

I have messed around with the limited windows display options (felt like 7 had more and better options if I remember correctly). Sometimes setting the scale to 100% instead of 250% helps (again its just annoying). I have messed around with the Geforce control panel. And they have a lot of options and I am thinking there is something I could do in there. I have it set to Aspect ratio (have tried full-screen). Override the scaling mode set by most games CHECKED. And the preview is just my current 4K resolution. At first I thought the "Preview Part" might of been a way to have 4K, yet display in another resolution (kinda silly).

I have been practicing learning C++ again (it has been 10 years). I am having the program read my resolution, but it just displays as a tiny square in the left corner much like other games. I have a feeling it's not my code, but this game problem I am experiencing with all other games at 3840x2160 resolution. Setting the display to 1920x1080 fixes this issue as well (once again I really don't want to keep doing that).