So I have bought and installed TWW on Steam today, being as it was briefly on sale. It loads fine, sees my GTX 1080 and automatically defaults my graphics settings to ultra. I didnt change any graphics settings except the resolution, setting it to 3840x2160 (4K). But then, about 50% of the time it will crash on the loading screen before I have a chance to play. The error is generic, just a "TWW has stopped working", no other info is given. Sometimes it will let me in, and when it does everything is smooth, no lag at all. Once I'm loaded in there are no more crashes. I've tried verifying the game files in Steam (everything is fine), changing resolutions doesnt seem to make a difference either. My video drivers are up to date as well as all other drivers, all available Windows Updates are installed. My OS is very stable, no crashes since I bought this laptop early last month. I'm beginning to think it's just an unresolved bug. But now I'm left with the issue of deciding whether to ask for a refund. But I'm more interested in being able to play, I've been a big fan of the TW series since the first game many years ago.

Any help?