Windows 10: What is your preference, higher FPS or better graphics quality?

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  1. AnonVendetta's Avatar
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       24 May 2017 #1

    What is your preference, higher FPS or better graphics quality?

    I just bought a Sager notebook with the GTX 1080, and as I've been testing the latest games, I've realized that getting 4K quality at 60FPS is a difficult feat even with the 1080. I didn't exactly expect to get a constant 60 in every title, that would be unrealistic even for such a beast GPU. On the other hand, I see the names of alot of the graphics settings in games, I have no idea what most of them really mean. Anisotropic filtering...What's that? Antialiasing...Huh? idea. I only know that I love playing games, I mess with each setting to see what effect it has, but not knowing the meaning of it. Sometimes my FPS dips into the low 40s or even high 30s at 4k. Playable, sure, but nowhere near 60. So at this point this leaves me with the decision to choose FPS over quality, or quality over FPS. I'm not really sure, but I think I will take lower FPS with max quality, as long as performance stays good that is fine with me.

    But what do you guys/gals prefer? Would you be willing to lower settings to get a constant 60? Or will you max out your settings at the cost of FPS, to get every juicy visual detail?

    Games I've tested so far:
    Rise of the Tomb Raider
    Grand Theft Auto V

    They all look stellar and run really well with most settings maxxed, at the cost of FPS.

    Thanks for any opinions!
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  2. blackroseMD1's Avatar
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       24 May 2017 #2

    I tend to lean more towards FPS. With GTA V, with all settings maxed, including advanced, I would drop down as low as 45 FPS on occasion, so I turned down a few of the advanced settings and now average around 100 FPS in most places, with a drop down to about 72 FPS at the same location that I would drop to 45 FPS with everything on.

    In more demanding games like Watch Dogs 2, or in games that don't support SLI, I try to find the right settings that will keep me above 60 FPS as much as possible, even if it effects the graphics a bit.
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  3.    25 May 2017 #3

    I like to go with the highest graphic settings that will match monitor/display highest refresh rate. For me, there's a lot of options as I only run at 1080P and this monitor does 60HZ, 100, 120 and 144. So, for example, Doom, locked into 120 FPS at 120 HZ with full graphics and never actually dropping below 120 is a thing of beauty (clarity wise) with a great response time.

    If you aren't sure which settings to use Nvidia's Geforce Experience will give you recommended individual game settings based on your hardware (Get Optimal Playable Settings, Automatically | GeForce). You can try it. In their game section they often tell you which game features are the biggest hit on FPS, so you can use this info to increase FPS as required if you are trying to match refresh rate.

    Enjoy your new hardware. :)
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  4.    25 May 2017 #4

    Its depended on the game i played. If its FPS and then i would go with better framerate rather than maximize the graphic, but i would go with better graphic on some games such as fighting games or RPG game.
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  5.    26 May 2017 #5

    I go for playability of the game without question. I play with the settings and if I cannot easily discern what graphics were lost I turn things down. Takes a load off the GPU, and ensures smooth gameplay. Being at max across the board means nothing to me.
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  6. Dude's Avatar
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       26 May 2017 #6

    FPS are good, but when you can have good FPS and all the eye candy you really can enjoy the game more
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  7. Stephanie's Avatar
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       26 May 2017 #7

    What is your preference .... Blowing the hell out of anything ! Frag on
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  8. Dude's Avatar
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       26 May 2017 #8

    Stephanie said: View Post
    What is your preference .... Blowing the hell out of anything ! Frag on
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  9.    26 May 2017 #9

    I prefer graphics quality to FPS. I really can't tell the difference between 60 and 100 FPS anyway, and I'd rather have the richer graphics experience in some games. If the game is really demanding, I will turn down the graphics settings for a little more performance, and so that I don't over stress my card.

    But stuttering? I hate stuttering.
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  10.    26 May 2017 #10

    Would you accept stuttering to make it look better? If not, you seem to value fps over quality, which is the opposite of what you answered.
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