Windows 10: What is your preference, higher FPS or better graphics quality?

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  1.    27 May 2017 #11

    Try this ..... turn off your fps counter ..... enjoy 😆
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       27 May 2017 #12

    I always prefer eye candy in my games I play so start at max settings ans see how the FPS are at that level. If poor then move down from their until you get the best looking game with a playable FPS.
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  3.    27 May 2017 #13

    Archie123 said: View Post
    Try this ..... turn off your fps counter ..... enjoy 
    ^^ What he said, I go for quality and ignore FPS unless there is an obvious problem.
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  4.    27 May 2017 #14

    pparks1 said: View Post
    Would you accept stuttering to make it look better? If not, you seem to value fps over quality, which is the opposite of what you answered.
    No I prefer quality over FPS if at all possible, but I would lower the quality to get rid of stuttering. Not really a contradiction, since it rarely happens in normal gaming use.
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  5.    27 Jun 2017 #15

    Thanks for the replies. I normally prefer better visuals over FPS, as long as performance is good. But if performance drops noticeably then I'll do what must be done to increase FPS. For me FPS correlates to performance, the higher one is, the better the other will be. I only use an FPS counter initially when playing a game, only as a gauge of sorts to help me determine the best settings, after that I don't use one for that game. I'm just getting used to my new laptop, getting a feel for how it will handle certain games. For the most part the GTX 1080 plays most games with everything maxxed, but occasionally I have to turn a few things down. Almost any game that runs at less than 4K can be maxxed, no problems, but the 1080 can sometimes struggle to maintain a consistent 60 at 4K. Oftentimes it drops into the low 40s or 50s. I think longer term I will either need to upgrade to a 1080 TI, or run 2 1080s in SLI.
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  6.    27 Jun 2017 #16

    I normally go for eye candy but tweak where I can get the frames as well. For example, I never use shadows or motion blur and thus turn those off or low to keep high frames while allowing for eye candy.

    Anyway no matter which game you play you're bound to run into a performance issue somewhere where frames dip. This can happen for a myriad of reasons and thus why you should always keep drivers updated. Same goes for patches, it's usually a good idea to keep the game updated as bugs continue to get fixed.

    Bottom line is there really is no one fix that can guarantee you max eye candy and max frames on a consistent basis. That even the highest end machines with the best hardware in the world my struggle with a game from time to time. That's because we can't control the whole where one part is you, another hardware, another software, another game / game vendor. We can only do our part and hope everyone else does theirs.

    My two cents.
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  7.    27 Jun 2017 #17

    @sygnus21: I'm quite religious about keeping my GPU drivers up to date, but I only use stable versions. I may use a beta if it fixes a specific issue I'm having, but other than that, nope. I may need to look into doing some slight overclocking for the 4K-capable games.
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  •    27 Jun 2017 #18

    I don't overclock and only run a 24 inch monitor @ 1920 x 1200 so 1080P Works for me. Haven't gotten into the 4K thing yet.
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  •    27 Jun 2017 #19

    Its really all relevant to the game to be honest, For example. Cs go, I run everything on low at around 280fps. I went back and turned on vsync to see the difference, and damn it felt like a laggy mess, Racing games? Fps over graphical, Anything else, im happy with a balance of two, nothing under 50fps for me. Just a personal preference
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  •    28 Jun 2017 #20

    @Devlin1888: Yeah I would agree, for fast-paced games (like racing, as you mentioned), FPS is more important. I'll go for higher FPS in Mortal Kombat X, but dont care about it in Skyrim, because it's slower and therefore less important (to me).
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