Hi all

After spending the last few weeks looking deeply into forumns, guides and videos I'm yet to find a real resolution and I hope someone can help!

i recently purchased a linx vision tablet to play Xbox whilst the other half watches catfish or say yes to the dress (key information I know!)
it it generally runs great my Xbox is wired to my to link ac1900 router I connect to 5ghz. Generally I'm able to connect to high/medium although due to the screen size cannot see a benefit of very high. I do suffer occasional lag and connection problems. I've changed to performance power profile updated drivers and this still persists...

Anyway, even on higher qualities I see a lot of compression artefacts, people claim on desktops etc the picture is really clear but if I'm playing fallout 4 the image is good when I'm still but as soon as I have fast movement it's a blocky mess!! I've tried tweaking all settings on Xbox and the tablet to no avail.
is this just a problem with how the Xbox encodes the stream? Or is my tablet needing reconfiguring or ideally do I need an upgrade? Tbh I am looking for an excuse to get an SP4 😂

Andy help will be very much appreciated!!