Hey guys, lately my windows 10 pro/i7 4770/16 GB DDR3/EVGA GTX 1070 has trouble exiting games. Not every game, but i just finished off FEAR (1, long time getting to it, my list of shame is extensive), and when i exited it all there was was a black screen. It happens to some games but not others :/ My monitor is a XB271HU (acer predator)connected via Display port, and I have a Samsung 4k TV plugged into the HDMI slot. The problem exists when theres only one display plugged in though, as Ive tried some basic troubleshooting like removing monitors, updating graphic drivers, etc.

When the black screen is up, Keyboard presses do nothing, and there's no mouse movement. I have to either press the restart button or hold the power button

Any ideas?