No there is no magic or any dual OS procedure involved. Just a clever trick! What do you do when a computer is not powerful enough to run some certain applications? One way is to convert it to a thin client and run the applications remotely on a powerful server. That's an idea of what we are going to do. Since the average Android tablet cannot be made to run Windows, we can use a remote desktop application to play the Windows game that run on a remote PC!

First you need a computer running Windows 10, either 32-bit or 64-bit. Open Windows Store and install your favorite games, if you haven't done so already. Then install a remote desktop application such as Remote Desktop Connection or VNC or TeamViewer. I choose TeamViewer because it is very easy to use and it can run on all platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS! By default TeamViewer runs on demand and creates a random password that changes after each restart. If you restart the computer you have to manually load TeamViewer again and see which is the current password. Fortunately you can configure unattended access which loads TeamViewer automatically when you restart your PC, even before you login, so it is possible to login remotely! It also sets a fixed password which can be used to connect to your PC from another device.

Now we need to install TeamViewer on our Android device we intend to use for playing our games. Visit Play Store and search for TeamViewer. If your Android device is not powerful enough, then it won't appear in the Store as performance will be rather slow. You can download the application installer (APK file) independently from the Play Store and side-load it. To be able to install applications outside Play Store, you have to go to Settings, Security and check the "unknown sources" box to allow installation of all APK files regardless of their source (at your own risk). Then open your browser and search for TeamViewer APK to see some results. Find and download the TeamViewer installer and then run it to install it to your Android device. Now run it to access your PC. Remember that to access a remote device you must have the same version or newer of TeamViewer installed. So if you upgrade TeamViewer on your PC you must also upgrade it on your Android device to be able to connect. Input your PC's TeamViewer ID and the fixed password you created earlier. Depending on your Android Device screen resolution you should see a portion of your computer's desktop. You can see more or less by using the zoom-in/zoom-out gesture. Drag your finger on the screen to move the remote mouse cursor and tap for left-click. Tap and hold for right-click. Use the mouse to load your favorite Windows game, then click on the arrows icon top right to enter full screen mode. Use the zoom-out gesture to make the remote screen fit your Android device's screen. That's it! Now you can play your game with more or less success due to the network lag. Because of this lag it is best suited for board games such as Solitaire, Mahjong etc. Now, at last, you can enjoy your favorite Windows game on your Android device! Using TeamViewer I was able to play Microsoft Mahjong and Taptiles in my cheap Goclever Lite 400 smartphone! Just remember to be connected to Wi-Fi to avoid charges because TeamViewer (and any other such application) requires an internet connection to work! The same trick can be used to run Windows games in earlier Windows versions such as Windows XP and 7! But at this case you can also dual boot with Windows 10, if the hardware supports it.