Good morning everybody,

First i'm sorry if I do some mistakes .. I'm france and i'm not fluent in english :)

I need your help on this thread for multiple reasons :

- I've just finished to install my new Computer (by myself) and i've installed Windows 10 on it

- I received a code by email to download a game (Gears of war 4) but the game is just too heavy for my internet connection (73GO)

- My download speed is around 400 ko/s .. so it's very low and for this game I'll need 5 days haha

That's why i want to ask if it's possible to connect my Windows store account on a friends Computer who get a better connection than mine, download the game on it, and after, transferred the whole files on an External Hard Drive, plug in on my Pc, paste the files and install

Let me know if it's possible.. Because I want also buy Fora Horizon 3 on Windows Store... 50GO is pretty big tho

Thank you ! :)