Hi All

So far done the following tasks are

Clean install of Firestorm viewer--Check
sfc /scannow--check, no violations found on last scan
Windows Defender offline scan--check, nothing found
Malwarebytes full scan--check
updated video drivers--check
removed startup programs and games didn't need--check
Disk cleanup ran
(gotta do chkdsk yet, will schedule that and get that done)

Only happens in one area, i'm thinking could be possibly the scripts in the items, but not sure, all I know is it's frustrating, as gets to the point where I can't even type without relogging, then it's fine for a while, Do I just have to live with it? if so I will, also restarted Comcast gateway modem, (am hard wired, 1gb) I think so far I tried everything I could, unless I missed something