Windows 10: Game stuck on loading screen because of possible scheduled tasks

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    Game stuck on loading screen because of possible scheduled tasks


    I've been playing Runes of Magic for a few months now. Everything is fine except when Windows 10 installs a new update. I either have to reinstall the game or rollback to the previous version of Windows.

    The problem I am having is every 12 midnight and 8 A.M., I cannot log into the game and get stuck on the loading screen. On the hour, on the dot. Everyday. I am able to log in again after 2 hours. So, I was thinking, maybe there is a scheduled task that is updating and hogging all the bandwidth of my internet connection.

    I was able to see a task and set it to 2 P.M. but I forgot how to get there. I did not use the Task Scheduler window. And if you are able to help, I don't know what to disable and enable if ever I see the list.

    Please help
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    Hello deuce Welcome to the Ten Forums!

    One thing found here lately when any Steam or non Steam driven pc game will suddenly stall even crash and maybe even require the use of the Task Manager in order to get back to the desktop will be some 3rd party update! Whether it be Firefox, Waterfox, Cyberfox, etc. out of several web browsers kept on and randomly in use or some other program like PaintNet as one example a new updated version's desktop shortcut will be found on the desktop.

    One way to set things up where the WU or Windows Updates wanting a full system restart to finish putting on some new update you can try to work would be the new scheduling feature now seen in Windows 10 would be setting up the Start and End times for the Windows Update Active Hours - Change in WIndows 10

    The guide there explains how to delay the WU from going to work during the schedule hours upto 12hrs. in fact of what would be your regular Active Hours at the system you have there. The WU will be put on hold or a standby status during the active hours and only then outside of those select hours be able to automatically end any running programs while installing updates which often may require a full system restart.

    With non MS apps automatically seeking self updates the situation for each of those however may require a visit to the app's own settings where you would then disable any automatic check upon start up. For Steam driven titles the Steam engine is also notorious for Steam News and Steam engine updates as well as security checks where you then need to verify your account information.

    Often some small update for some otherwise non intrusive utility app will suddenly become an annoyance if left unchecked! Been there too many times and as always when not the WU wanting a restart some small app is found to be at fault!
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    Thanks for your help.

    I don't have the Update settings under "Update & Security" and certainly don't have the Change active hours option. I will look into 3rd party apps/programs and try to check if something could be done there.

    The issue is still happening and I don't think Windows Update has anything to do with this.
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    I couldn't rule that out earlier since others have been having issues with the latest MS cumulative update with a fix coming in later today in fact from MS. From the findings here besides the occasional prompt or notice that a restart is required to finish up on some update bumping a game back to the desktop if not a stall on a much older title still being run on the 64bit 10 3rd party icons for browsers and utilities are the most frequently seen latest item to go on. You can also look over the Startup tab on the Task manager with a fast right click on the main taskbar there to see what else is loading at startup like MS OneDrive annoyances, etc. Those often are what bake the cake!
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    I'm sorry but I don't understand a single thing you wanted to say. All I wanted was a way to check the scheduled tasks that are set for 8 o'clock A.M. so I can disable or stop them. I just mentioned Windows Update because that is one of the programs I changed with the scheduler.

    I am able to see all tasks that are currently running with the Task Manager, but I want to see if any of those programs were running because the Task Scheduler started them.

    I'm sorry for being rude, but if you don't have an answer, it's better that you leave the thread open rather than replying with long sentences that mean nothing or isn't relevant to the question. If there is no way to check what I'm talking about, then there's no answer. No reply needed.

    When I replied with "thanks for your help," what I really meant was thanks for replying.
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    Well this is where you would go to the guide for setting up things to avoid interferences during the Active hours which presently for the Redstone 1 Anniversary update sees a 12hrs. maximum time. The latest Windows Insider Preview build however can now be set for a 16hr. stretch for the Active hours being an improvement in having things set aside. Yet while in a Steam driven title a day or so ago the WU still came in wanting a system restart from updates that hadn't gone on but were reversed by Windows a few days earlier showing that won't cover everything.
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    Task Scheduler could mean multiple things because it will not open a new window during operation. Tasks that are using memory and disks heavily (except for games) means it could've triggered itself or Task Scheduler tasked them to do the task needed to be done.
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    If he set the Active hours schedule from 5pm to 5am and games from 7pm to midnight as an example the WU is mainly left out of the picture until 5am when you might see the restart under the common situations for any updates. That's how that is supposed to go. For other 3rd apps and other Task scheduled activities apart from the Active Hours intended for WU activity the risk of something clashing with a gaming session then becomes a concern.

    Another thing to be a consideration would be a good lookover at the startups now found in the Task Manager Startup tab as opposed to previously finding things in the msconfig Startup group tab for selective startups. AV programs, firewalls, etc. system protections are also known as problem makers as far as gaming and other 3rd party programs go when suddenly stalling for no reason. There's a reason! It's simply finding what is on the active list running at the moment or scheduled to come in during a session that has to disabled when found. Having things set to automatically update themselves is another source as well.
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    deuce said: View Post
    I am able to see all tasks that are currently running with the Task Manager, but I want to see if any of those programs were running because the Task Scheduler started them.
    Download Task Scheduler Viewer and sort tasks by the "Last Run".

    To check for other possible startup culprits, use Autoruns for Windows.
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