Low performance in games - WIN10

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  1.    18 Sep 2016 #11

    Are you using nVidia or AMD? and what driver version? It seems fair to admit that not everyone will be having the same issues. And I am pretty sure Windows' fault it's just a PARTIAL fault.

    My W10 AU is also performing properly for games and everything else with older nVidia drivers installed.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit 1809 17763.55
       19 Sep 2016 #12

    AMD Here, don't think older drivers would help unless i'm wrong, but for now just been logging off Firestorm and relogging in, and it fixes the low frame rate for a while, don't wanna remove Windows 10 Annivesary cumulative updates myself, AMD Radeon R7 240 with Radeon Crimson 16.9.1 drivers, and now running with Defender for Antivirus and Malwarebytes, despite I really like Avast, performance issues seemed to be too much with it, plus avast service was using 21.5mbs of ram constantly for some reason, eventually i'll go back to Avast once performance problems all solved I know though, been using Avast steady since 2006

    Should I go back to Radeon Crimson 16.7.3 WHQL version?
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  3.    20 Sep 2016 #13

    If you are having problem with your current driver version then you will want to go back to the older version. I'm also an avast! user but I'm trying the capabilities of Windows Defender. Defender should be turned off when you have avast! installed.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit 1809 17763.55
       20 Sep 2016 #14

    Didn't go back to older video drivers yet, possibly may tomorrow if time to do that, testing out Defender one more time today....decided to since it's built into Windows 10, probably less issues if Kernel updates come out still for the operating system, probably less issues with future Cumulative updates (I might be wrong on that) but was my thinking this morning when woke up.

    As for Gaming issue haven't felt sluggish as yet or low frame rate as yet, so hopefully it's fixed for a bit lol
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  5.    23 Sep 2016 #15

    Hello guys,
    Which video driver do you reccomend for GTX970m with win10? I tryed several of them (including driver version provided by laptop manufacturer) but most games still runs like crap, mainly Assassins creed 4, AC rogue and skyrim - all of them should run in 1920x1080 and full settings on my hardware, but I have problems to run them smoothly even in much lower resolutions and settings. I dont know if these older games are optimised for win10 either, but neither newer games runs as I expected them to run. In all of these games I have visible FPS drops in certain areas and stuttering when moving.
    I already did:
    - turned off "privacy features"
    - turned off notifications
    - disabled dynamic tick
    - uninstalled unnecessary win10 applications like sport, food&restarurants, solitaire and simmilar junk
    - played with paging file - no difference so I let it in the hands of the system management
    - uninstalled Geforce experience as someone suggested on other forum
    - used utitily to unpark CPU cores (two variables was really "parked")
    - tryed several Vsync/prerendered frames combinations
    - tryed to play without internet connection
    - disabled antivirus and firewall
    When idle, task manager shows 0% processor, 22-26%RAM and 0-2% disk, so there is certainly not problem with background processes.
    Any more suggestions? Or should I rather take back win 8.1:)
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  6.    25 Sep 2016 #16

    Some people are saying on nVidia Forums that 368.xx or 369.09 are fine. I have a GTX 970 and 369.09 are running fine for me.
    We need this wddm 2.1 fiasco fixed asap. It's been three different nVidia driver releases and still no fix.
    And BTW: Fallout 3 and New Vegas don't work anymore with anything higher that 36x.xx
    The new wddm 2.1 introduced some sort of "not expected string" somewhere and those Bugthesda games were not prepared for that (they would not think that string would change ever).
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  7.    25 Sep 2016 #17

    I know Bethesda games are terribly optimised, but I see people on youtube with the same GPU and simmilar hardware playing skyrim with hunder of mods and several overhauls installed.
    I have problem even with vanilla skyrim (with official HD textures only).
    Tearing and unsmoothly experience starts under +-50 FPS. Tryed both in-game and NVidia Vsync, also Vsync turned off with FPS limiter, but all with with the same results.
    I will try driver you recommended, now Im using 353.74.
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  8.    26 Sep 2016 #18

    Keep 353.74 at hand just to be on the safe side.
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