I have already uninstalled the xbox app (and pretty much all microsoft apps) via the powershell. I have also set GameDVR_Enabled to 0 in the registry.

I want to know how I can just completely delete and disable the game bar. And also what GameDVR_FSEBehaviorMode=2 means.

Here is the error I am getting when my game crashes.

World of WarCraft: Retail Build (build 22566)

Exe: F:\World of Warcraft\Wow-64.exe
Command: "F:\World of Warcraft\Wow-64.exe" -launcherlogin -noautolaunch64bit -launch -uid wow_enus
Time: Sep 4, 2016 4:14:31.889 PM
User: 123
Computer: CORN

This application has encountered a critical error:

ERROR #132 (0x85100084) Fatal exception!

Program: F:\World of Warcraft\Wow-64.exe
ProcessID: 1780

The instruction at "0x00007ff6371ef251" referenced memory at "0xffffffffffffffff".
The memory could not be "read".

<Config> Retail
<Inspector.ProjectId> 10
<Inspector.BuildNumber> 22566
<Inspector.Branch> 7.0.3
<Application> World of WarCraft
<ApplicationType> Client
Type: WoW
<Executable> Wow-64.exe
Executable UUID: 8AC4D413-1601-426F-B3C9-B2F0DE230252
<Wow.Platform> X64
<Inspector.Platform> Win 10 (64-bit)
User: 123
Computer: CORN
Virtual Memory: 0.00 MB
Free Disk Space: 405.93 GB
Exe Built: Sep 1 2016 14:08:28
Init: 000003FF 00000000
Percent memory used: 37
Total physical memory: 17086242816
Free physical memory: 10604367872
Total Page file: 19636379648
Free Page file: 11973128192
Total virtual memory: 140737488224256
Free virtual memory: 140731504603136